What is Screen Distance in iOS 17 How to Use on Your iPhone/iPad

We often use our iPhones and iPad for watching our favorite movies and content on it but most of us didn’t aware of the screen distance that we need to maintain with our digital gadgets like any iPhone or iPad

if we want to take care of our eyesight I know most of you don’t know about this feature that is really helpful especially as a parent if your child uses iPhone and iPad a lot you can enable this which we discussed in this post where you know how exactly you can able to enable this Screen Distance in iOS 17

Things you need to know about Screen Distance on iPhone

Screen Distance is a feature on iOS 17 that helps to take care of our eyesight especially if your children use often use iPhones and iPad for long periods watching movies or playing games so far it warns with a pop-up that “iPhone is too Close” that reminds you every time use your iPhone not as quick but it detects using your Face ID and suggest you take your iPhone arm lengths can protect your eyesight

So this warning only can be skipped if you use your iPhone at least a distance then after you will find that it allows you to continue this helps reduce eye strain and risk of having myopia Especially in children so you must enable it for your eye safety 

How to Enable Screen Distance on iPhone

Want to Enable the Screen Distance on your iPhone all you need to be update to the latest version of iOS 17 if you try to enable it with your iPhone X unfortunately this won’t work out with it all you need is supported iOS 17 devices 

First Go to Settings

Screen Distance

Go to Screen Time

Find Screen Distance 

Enable it 

All Done 

You Successfully Enabled Screen Distance on Your iPhone and iPad

One thing I like about this feature is that it always pop-up with a warning it is obvious with due I use iPhone too near so the reason I enabled it so can rid of my habit of using my iPhone near to eyes also it won’t like it you can easily disable it in settings

you should enable this feature on your iPhone as we also shared other iOS 17-related guides you can read

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