How to Add Spotify Widget on Lock Screen on iPhone/iPad

Spotify Widget iPhone

Are you using Spotify on your iPhone? most of you use Spotify on your iPhone and I used my iPhone and sometimes I even use it on my Android too But when it comes to adding a widget the iPhone iOS 16 allows you to add widgets if you using iPhone-supported iOS 17 you can … Read more

What is Live Activities ios 16 How to use it on iPhone/iPad

live activities ios 16

Live activities on your iPhone show the real-time data of limited third-party apps and this is very helpful if you try to get details about when it comes to different apps as it gives you accurate detail such as you set a timer it will show up in the lock screen or if you ordering … Read more

How to Enable & Fix Battery Percentage in Statusbar on iPhone

battery percentage is not showing on status bar

When it comes to the battery we know that having battery percentage on the status bar always reminds us how much battery consumed and this can be helpful for any person for me itself I used it very frequently manner so I can understand how much battery I consumed in my iPhone and it also … Read more

How to Change Background Color of Home Screen in iPhone on iOS 16 or 17

how to change background color on home screen iphone

I know many of you want to change the background color of your iPhone’s home screen and this can be done no matter which iOS version you are using but you must have iOS 16 or 17 Otherwise this will not work if you try to enable it on your iPhone 7 or 7 Plus … Read more

How to Fix Depth Effect not working on iPhone XR or Later in iOS 16

One of the most fantastic features of iOS 16 is a new way of customizing the lock screen of your iPhone but the problem is that most of you are unable to use the depth on your iPhone in this post, I will tell you how to fix the depth effect on your iPhone In … Read more

How to Remove Background iOS 16 on iPhone X Alternative way

Still Using iPhone X the best thing about this is that iOS 16 is compatible with this iPhone and running fine while using iOS 16 on it you will find some features not working on this iPhone X and the most lovable features that can help you remove the background on photos is not working … Read more