How to use Contact Poster on iPhone iOS 17

Yet Another feature that changed the using contacts on iPhone and overall this feature will enable all new contact posters whenever someone calls you you can set it by yourself not only yours but you can choose other contacts too

Back in iOS 16 when someone was calling you full size image won’t appears when you used it however this update brings this feature that is worth updating to iOS 17

Which iPhone Supports Contact Poster Features

When it comes to supporting this feature are almost working on all iOS 17-supported iPhones I have tested it out on iPhone XR working fine which means if you are using any iPhone eg iPhone XR or later will work

How to use Content Poster on iPhone

To Use Content Posters you need to Choose the content to which you want to change the poster

Go to Edit

You will Find Various Options like Camera, Photos, emoji, or MonoGram

You can select anyone which you want to choose it may depend on you

First start with the Camera and Photos of one all

all you need to select a contact and go to edit

Next, you need to choose the + icon

after that, you need to go for photos or a camera

In the Caerma and the Photos, you can select any photos in your photos library or can take pictures you can customize the font size of the text also you can choose the color of the image you want and after that, you can save it

For Memoji

Select Any Memoji you to customize and Save it for your contact you can edit the text size and the color of the background which looks really great

For Monogram

Unlike the default background, you can choose the all-new background for your contacts that looks stunning compared to the iOS 16 where there is no such feature available to customize

Contact Posters not working on my iPhone

There are many reasons why the Contact Posters is not working on your iPhone make sure you are using iPhone XR and later but still not working means you have not selected and saved the contact poster after customizing you must have to do it otherwise it won’t work

So these are some contact posters on iOS 17 that you can customize for you and for your other contacts which again look stunning for sure

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