Enable Photo Shuffle in lock screen on Your iPhone & iPad iOS 16 or Later

we love to customize our iPhones and one thing that is really amazing with iOS16 is that you can change your lock screen with many customizations I like its photo shuffle feature that can show many photos when you tap on the screen or you probably lock your screen and unlock your screen you will find different photos every time you unlock depending how many photos you set

so in order to do that you must have an iPhone that runs at least iOS 16 no matter if you are using an iPhone that runs iOS 17 or later you can also enable this only iPhone so let’s see how you can enable this feature on your iPhone

What is Photo Photo Suffle On the lock screen in iPhone

With iOS 16 we can now customize our lock screen and will it comes to enabling photos of all it is quite obvious that many of you want to enable it I tried it with my iPhone and if you want to enable it you have you must have iOS 16 on your iPhone otherwise this feature will not work

if you try it out on iPhone 8, or iPhone 8 Plus and this feature also works for you as this is support iOS 16 if you try it with iPhone 7 and 7 Plus will not due to not being compatible this feature

How to enable Photo shuffle on your iPhone’s lock screen

Using this shuffle feature in my personal experience best thing on iPhone which changes the wallpaper frequently in order to enable this feature you need multiple photos to be selected so that can be changed whenever you lock or unlock your iPhone photos will be changed so the first thing you need to do is just head over to the lock screen

Tap to Lockscreen

Look to the top Photo Shuffle

You can choose any personal photo and update it use featured Photos

or You can do it manually

Choose photos and Add it

Next, you can choose how you want photo shuffle will work on your iPhone you have these options like daily, hourly, on lock or tap which looks relevant to you and can go with

Photo shuffle ios 16 not working fix it

if photo shuffle is not working on your iPhone that you need to check you properly set the photo shuffle feature on your iPhone if not you try things like checking the shuffle frequency set by you if its day or hourly will not work when you tap or unlock your screen so

so if you wish it will work if I tap on the lock screen and the lock must change the shuffle frequency

So these how you can able to enable the photo shuffle feature on your iPhone with ease