How to Delete Any Contact Posters on iPhone in iOS 17

Recently I shared how you can enable contact posters on an iPhone that works on iOS 17 however you can delete the contact as well on your iPhone for a specific contact or yourself this is very easy to do so in this post I will tell you how you can exactly do this

As I already mentioned you can do it for yourself or any contact poster in your contact so I can do Let’s find out

Why delete a contact poster on an iPhone

There are multiple reasons why you want to delete the contact poster of any contact or you want to change it with another customization that is already done or you don’t want any poster will appear when someone calls for a specific person or you find that customization is not looking perfect

You can do this with your contact posters too

How to Delete Contact Poster in iOS 17

for example, if I want to delete a contact first I have to go to the contact which I want to delete In this I will delete my contact poster which is set for me where you can exactly know how to delete you the same

 First, choose the contact

tap on edit

again tap on the edit

next, you have a customization option

you can either customize or you can delete 

To delete you have to swipe up

You will find there is a delete option exists just tap on the delete

It will ask you to delete Just delete

You can do it same for other customization if want to delete all your custom posters

This is how you can delete the contact poster from your iPhone It works for your contacts as well and you can delete it for yourself and you can customize it with whatever you want for your contacts so I hope this post will help you out to delete your contact posters

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