Does YouTube on iPhone 5s,6 iOS 12.5.7 Still Works ?

Are you still using iPhone 5s and 6 you are already aware that YouTube now requires iOS 14 so this has not just happened with only YouTube itself more likely many apps now need at least iOS 13 and iOS 14 so what you should do now everything I will discuss about YouTube for iPhone … Read more

How to Fix Standby Mode not Working on iOS 17

Fix Standby Mode not Working iOS 17

Standby Mode is a new feature on iPhone that makes iPhone even more usable in idle mode it displays valuable information on the display such as watch widgets and notifications that useful and it will work without tapping on the screen all it will display on the screen so how to fix standby mode not … Read more

Fix iOS 17 Widgets not working on iPhone & iPad

Lock Screen Widget Not Working iPhone

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How to get Back Old style Notifications on iOS 16

The notification on iOS 16 it’s quite amazing and it looks very great as the notification comes from the bottom For me it looks great from the previous iOS 15 where I am using iPhone 7 and it looks so bulky However for some users if you still want to get back to the IOS … Read more