Fix iOS 17 Screen Distance Not working on Your iPhone and iPad

What is Screen Distance

Screen distance is a feature available on iOS 17 that helps you to protect your eyes from the strain that usually happens when you use your iPhone at a very close distance this not only helps you but also helps your family members especially children who use iPhones and iPad at a very close as so how to fix iOS 17 screen distance

I personally use it many times and I found that it’s important to enable it as use my iPhone so closely if you also try it out you will know many times you get a warning sign for taking your iPhone close so this is a good feature that helps you to actually you get distance from your iPhone Screen and iPad screen¬†

Most of us know Kids not aware of this I experienced that one of my friend’s kids usually uses an iPad to Watch YouTube Shorts Close and you are also aware of this so this feature is worthy, especially for kids I know that this feature is not working on some of your iPhones so with the exact reason and why it’s not working I will show you how you can fix that

Why Screen Distance it’s not working iOS 17

So When it comes to screen distance in most cases, it does not work due to you not turning it on as it does not come pre-enable This means you have to enable it first to use it, or if still does not work after enabling this feature that means others things you need to make sure checkout which may go to help you to fix out your iPhone

As this feature works with face ID and your iPhone doesn’t have face ID or it’s not working properly then this might be the biggest issue that you are facing right now most of us know that free ID works with iPhone X and later

If you are using any iPhone that’s supposed iOS 17 it may be the iPhone Xr, iPhone 11, or the iPhone 13 or 14 make sure you are updated to iOS 17 at least otherwise you cannot see this feature

How to Fix Screen Distance on iOS 17

To fix screen distance on your iPhone first we have to check whether you enabled this feature or not as it’s not enabled so you should have to screen distance all you have to just enable it after that try to test it out but make sure you and your iPhone is to close to your eyes then you get up warning sign

but after enable there you find that is still not working so here are some basic tips that help you out of out

Check your iPhone face ID: Fasting you need to check out whether your face ID is working properly or not because it works with face ID so make sure that your face ID is working to find out if it is working you have to go to setting face ID and passcode check face ID is working if it’s working then it’s good and you find it’s still more not working then there is a problem with your iPhone

Go to settings>FaceID & Passcde> Setup FaceID if not Present

Screen Time FaceID Check

Try to Remove Screen Protector: I don’t think that this would be the issue but most of us aren’t aware that maybe the Protector you put on your iPhone and maybe it’s blocking the face ID or whatever’s not working upright for you to remove the tempered glass or not but

I don’t recommend you to just remove it just clean that area if you want to remove it then you can remove it as I tried this has not been an issue for me now maybe if we work with it totally up to you

Restart your iPhone: Restarting your iPhone is always best to fix some common problems with iOS 17 I found out that I tried to send files with AirDrop but it was not sent to other iPhones so I restarted my iPhone and it worked If that case it’s still not working on screen distant you can also try out to restart your iPhone may be gone it helps you out

Go to settings>Shut Down> Tap Power Button Again to Start

Update your iPhone: If any update is pending you can also update to that for example I was 170.1 update is your old out and you updated to iOS 17 then you can update to that version which may also fix this issue


What Devices Support Screen Distance?

Screen Distance Supports to iPhone XR and later iPhone as these iPhones updated to iOS 17

Can I use Screen Distance on iPhone X?

No Screen Distance will Only Work with iOS 17 as it stuck with iOS 16 means you will miss out also there is a way to update the iPhone X to iOS 17

Can I Turn off the Screen Distance?

Yes you can turn off Screen Distance on Screen Time

My FaceID is not Working will it Work?

FaceID is very important to use this feature as it detects using it so you need an iPhone that FaceID works

How Much time is required for Screen time work

As it does not work suddenly all it requires is at least a few minutes after you get a warning sign that the iPhone is too close

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