What is Live Activities ios 16 How to use it on iPhone/iPad

Live activities on your iPhone show the real-time data of limited third-party apps and this is very helpful if you try to get details about when it comes to different apps as it gives you accurate detail such as you set a timer it will show up in the lock screen or if you ordering food and it will show the delivery order status on your iPhone 

so far I have used this feature in my iPhone have been using it on my iPhone 8 and right now I am using iPhone XR I have used this feature as it shows the accurate details and accurate data of the app if I have a timer, package delivery status

Things you need to know about the live activities on iPhone

live activities is a great future if you want to get information on apps on the only lock screen this is limited to some third-party apps if you set a reminder package delivery status fitness lots of apps sour really time data on your lock screen and this can be a good not need to actually open the app to see the details all you have the details right to your lock screen

This is not limited to the lock screen if you notice on the iPhone 14 Pro on the dynamic Island you can see Live activity on the dynamic Island you can simply tap on it and jump to the app

If you want to use this feature on your iPhone you must support iOS 16 or later so you need at least iPhone 8, 8 plus, or later iPhone to use this feature otherwise you cannot use the live activities on your iPhone

How to enable live activities on your iPhone

To enable live activities on your iPhone as I already told you that you need an iOS 16 or later device you should go to your first face ID and lock screen I tested it out on my iPhone 8 and also with other iPhones too like XR,11

and you will notice there is live activity all you need to enable it

after that, it will work on your lock screen

if any third-party app support for live activity then the live activities will be shown on the lock screen so it’s quite working with the timer if you set a timer, you will get activities on your lock screen or if order you order food It will show the order status and delivery status or you lock screen

This is how you can enable live activities on your iPhone and this is one of the best features that you can use on your iPhone 

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