Is iPhone 7,7 Plus still Good For Playing BGMI | Graphics & Gameplay

BGMI on iPhone 7

iPhone 7 and 7 Plus still most of us have and the good thing is that we can still do most of the tasks for now when it comes to games one of the popular games which is BGMI(Battleground Mobile India) can be played on both iPhone and Android So, is iPhone 7 and 7 … Read more

Is iPhone 7 Plus getting iOS 16 | The Reality

iOS 16 iPhone 7

Recently Apple finally unveil iOS 16 including macOS Ventura and iPadOS 16 that in first impression looks so impressive especially when we talk about iOS 16 which brings many new features that can be seen this year obvious that the new iPhone is on the way Despite all of this when it comes to iOS … Read more

Top 10 All-time Best Games to Play for iPhone 6S/7/7 Plus

Top 10 Games for iPhone 7

If you are using an iPhone 6s or iPhone 7/7 Plus and looking for the best games to play then you are in the right place  Most of us still use our iPhone 6s and 7/7 Plus despite it getting old the performance of its quite appreciable however you might experience some lags which is … Read more

iPhone 7 Battery Replacement Cost and Does it Worth?

iPhone 7 Battery Replacement

Many of you know that iPhone 7 is still used by most of us even me also so its common that your battery might not provide proper battery backup and you decided to replace it near you but really you should Replace iPhone 7 battery does it worth and how much it will cost to … Read more