Is iPhone 7 still Good in 2024 to use

“Want to use iPhone 7 in 2024”

The thing is you want to know iPhone 7 is worth it in 2024 or not then I am sharing my experience with you

I used it more than any iPhone that I used as normally I change my phone a lot but believe still i have this device but no longer using it which doesn’t mean you can’t use it

This is my experience & point of view about the iPhone 7

Things you need to know about iPhone 7 in 2024

iPhone 7 is currently running with iOS 15.7 smoothly and personally don’t find any difficulty in my daily tasks like social media, casual gaming, or decent photography with it the reason why it’s still on my hand due that Apple still provides updates till now even its old more than Seven years and I thought it will still get security update’s

but, how long it will

Normally, iPhone updates are quite fast and received with the same as other iPhones get while compared to Android which offers fever updates the reality is that Android 14 runs on Pixel and eligible Androids are still many in the queue due to some customization taking place before it is available to final releases like Xiaomi’ MIUI and realm’s Realme UI

However, we can’t ignore that few iPhones do not get the latest iOS update due to hardware limitations which drop support by Apple

Pros of iPhone 7

Many good things I came to know when I used it for a very long things I noticed it

Compact iPhone

iPhone 7 is a compact iPhone for those who still have this iPhone won’t disappoint you can use it with one hand even fits in a small pocket I have seen many of you have this iPhone even though I use it the same

Faster than iPhone 6S

No Doubt iPhone 7 is faster when comparing the iPhone 6s even its previous-gen iPhone due to it being powered with an A10 Fusion Chip that gives better performance with more graphics while you use apps or casual games with no lag

Dolby Atmos & Lossless Support :

The Next-Gen Music is going to high-quality music experience with Apple Music which supports lossless and Dolby Atmos only the catch is you require a 3.5 mm Dongle with DAC to experience true lossless and for Dolby, it supports any headphone but even better with supported Apple and beats Headphones

Average Battery life

The battery is worse when it comes to older iPhones even I experience the same but after replacement, it works better which is not comparable with new iPhones that have big batteries with great optimization you can experience an overall average battery that can stick the whole day

Still, Support Basic Apps

When it comes to using apps on iPhone 7 no matter if it is stuck on iOS 15 you will notice most of the apps you can install and use like Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube which is great in terms of using it for day-to-day purposes

Also, Read is ios 16 the last update for iPhone 7

Con’s of iPhone 7

Small Size not suitable for everyone

I know many of you are afraid to use the small size iPhone whereas many of you want a bigger screen like the iPhone 14 or iPhone 14 Pro which is not possible with the iPhone 7 and I feel that sometimes it is wired to watch videos on it for a long period

Lack of 5G

Technology evolving and 5G is what everyone needs in their iPhone to experience high-speed data for sure however the rollout of 5G is not available for everyone but it seems good to have an iPhone that supports 5G

it getting old

No Doubt about it it is getting older and the majority of people don’t want to use the old iPhone that comes with the small size display it feels bad to watch videos on it and when comes to iOS updates iOS 16 is not available for iPhone 7

No 3.5 mm Jack

3.5 mm Jack is not present in any New iPhone including the 7 if you are a person who is not familiar with wireless headphones will require an additional 3.5 mm dongle to connect your wired headphones earlier it is available in the box

No Portrait Mode

there is no portrait mode out there for you, however, if you click photos after that you can filter it to portrait mode iPhone 7 due to its single camera

No Built-in Dolby Atmos

You require a supported headphone to experience Dolby Atmos on your ear but when it comes to built-in speaker support for iPhone 7 which is available XR and later iPhone

Faster Battery Drain

Draining the battery faster is a major issue of old iPhones which usually depends upon the health of the battery if it’s lower than 100 then you may experience fewer battery hours usage

No iOS 16

When it comes to the iOS 16 update Apple dropped the support for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus this year which means we need to rely on iOS 15

Some Apps Moved to iOS 16

We All that some of the apps like Netflix, iMovie if you look at the iPhone 7 now which has started moving to iOS 16 that is a clear sign that in the coming future, you might see lots of apps move to the latest version of iOS sure

Future of iPhone 7

iPhone 7 future does not look as bright as iPhone 15 and the reason is clear with an upcoming software update as no major support after iOS 15 however you can still get the security update which is a good thing but in iOS 16 lots of features were you miss out with iPhone 7

is iPhone 7 Still good in 2024

iPhone 7 for me gives great value till now which I think would be a better iPhone who want to use their first iPhone or use it for light usage purposes like social media kind of thing but I don’t prefer this due to recent times you noticed some of the apps now require iOS 16 later or this is my point view about iPhone 7

Let me know your thoughts on Instagram

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will the iPhone 7 still work?

Yes it works perfectly for sure only you missout the iOS 16 features

is iPhone 7 worth buying?

Depends if you get a good deal you can get it for lite usage

will the iPhone 7 get an ios 16 ?

No, you need to rely on iOS 15

will iPhone 7 get more updates?

Yes we can expect the updates but only the security update how long don’t know

When iPhone 7 released ?

iPhone 7 Released back in 2016

Is iPhone 7 worth buying?

iPhone 7 is still usable as supports most of the apps in the app store excluding iOS 16 which has fewer apps

when will iPhone 7 stop updating?

most likely it will get security updates as already it stuck at iOS 15.7.3