Is iPhone XR still Good in 2024 to use

iPhone XR was first announced at WWDC in September 2018 and now it’s 2023 which makes it Five years old I don’t think it’s bad to have Every year new iPhone release with a public rollout of new iOS to bring extra features In this post, I will tell why this iPhone XR is still worth it in 2024

if you ask me to choose between iPhone 7 or XR

I would go with XR, not 7

Things you need to know about iPhone XR

iPhone XR runs on A12 Bionic which comes with iOS 12 which can be upgraded to iOS 17.3 recent security updates are also coming to this iPhone which makes this iPhone secure in 2024 and I am still using a secondary purpose now


Last year we saw iOS 17 and iPhone XR were compatible which brings the iPhone XR lots of new features like Standby Mode to Screen Distance which makes it better than before we still believe that it will still get the security updates for sure but iOS 18 still doubt however still not official


The Display of the iPhone XR is quite good compared to old iPhones such as the iPhone 7, or 8 because it has 6.1 inches display with Liquid Retina IPS LCD resolution of 828×1792 Pixels which is best for watching videos despite its resolution being lower which I don’t prefer however coming to small screen display this won’t disappoint you for sure


Most of the time iPhone’s battery you get is but you can’t ignore its performance you get a good amount of battery backup depending upon its battery health as it is more than five years old which means if go for a refurbished or buy a Second hand may lead lower battery capacity unless its new

if you find a situation where your battery health is below 80% then strongly go for a replacement to get better battery life


If we look out at the current iPhone which is mainly based on two and three-camera setups on the recent iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 Pro Max but XR has a single-camera setup on the back however it still can capture great photos in portrait but is not good as iPhone 11 for sure

but, I don’t think a single camera is worth for nowadays so the iPhone 11, 12 even 13, and its mini version offers a camera setup that is far better for getting portrait and night sight

Pros of iPhone XR

It’s Faster than the iPhone X

It is equipped with a 7 Nanometer a12 Bionic Chip

iP67 rating

iOS 17 Eligible

Dolby Atmos Support Built-in Speakers(Apple Music)

Support Dual Sim(ESIM)

Cons of iPhone XR

Despite it having an LCD with below 1080p resolution

No OLED Display

Single Camera setup

No 3D touch


Old More than Six Years

Future of iPhone XR

Now everyone needs an iPhone with a bigger screen but iPhones like 6s, 7, and 8 have small-sized displays due iPhone XR is still one of the best iPhones you can get even in 2024 which is far better than the iPhone X as well due to its power with A12 inside where’s likely more chances of getting future updates

Is iPhone XR worth in 2024

if you are a heavy or lite user on both conditions it fits perfectly I don’t find any performance issues no matter whether you play games like PUBG or Call of Duty or want to use it for regular calling & messaging purposes it is Overall good to go even in 2024

if you want an iPhone on a budget with a bigger display then the iPhone XR is still the best in 2024 if you are satisfied with its Single-camera setup & LCD which is below 1080p, and Non-5G iPhone


Is iPhone Still worth it?

iPhone XR is still worth it as you still perform most of the tasks on the iPhone with iOS 16 it still gives a great performance

iPhone 11 vs iPhone XR which is best

iPhone 11 is comes with more features and also has A13 Bionic with faster compared to iPhone XR which doesn’t XR is bad it still good to go

is iPhone XR eligible for iOS 17?

iPhone XR is one of the lowest iPhones that supports iOS 17

Can iPhone Still Good Picture

iPhone XR still captures good photos portraits are also good but a few things are missing like Ultra Wide Anagle due to not having a dual camera

Does iPhone XR support AirPods?

Yes, iPhone XR supports AirPods and can listen to songs with Spatial Audio

iPhone XR supports Fast-Charging

Yes iPhone XR supports Fast Charging

iPhone XR supports 5G

No iPhone XR does not support 5G you need to rely on 4G

iPhone XR supports Night Mode

No iPhone XR doesn’t have any Night mode to use Night Mode you need at least iPhone 11 or later

How Much iPhone XR is Old

iPhone XR is five years old now in 2023 which released back at 2018

How Long iPhone XR will be Supported

iOS 17 is maybe going to be the last update for iPhone XR as it was the fifth major update however no confirmation about future updates I don’t think you get any major updates you can still expect security updates