Top 50+ Features of iOS 17 You Need to Know

iOS 17 Public Beta released and most of you are waiting for the final release it its has amazing features that are really amazing and helpful when it comes to installation I have already made a post regarding how you can able to install iOS 17 Public beta on your iPhone 

you can wait for the final release as you will experience some bugs or can install it on your Secondary devices also some features may not work on all iPhone  

Supported iPhone’s iOS 17

iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max

iPhone 11,11 Pro, 11 Pro Max

iPhone 12, 12 Pro, 12 mini, 12 Pro Max

iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro Max

iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro Max

Let’s find out the Top Features of iOS 17

Top 50+ Features of iOS 17

Standby Mode: Standby mode is a new feature on iOS 17 that enables your iPhone to use even in an idle mode that shows different notifications and different watch faces when it is in Idol mode you can set it to different types of as there are different types of watch widget you can use it as it also work on light conditions however you can also fix standby mode not working on your iPhone

How to Enable Standby Mode

Simply Go to Settings>Standby Mode


Dual Tone Color on Standby Mode: Now in stain by mode we can have a dual tone color that we can use for the Following wallpaper feature so you can add different types of color to this watch widget

To Standby Mode Widget Color

Go to the Widget

Now Change

Adaptive audio

If you are using AirPods Pro 2 then in iOS 17 there is a new feature called adaptive audio this basically does is it automatically detects the environment of your background and adopts transparency and noise cancellation suppose in the environment there is the noise it will automatically enable noise cancellation and if someone speaking loudly then it move to transparency mode and this is a very helpful feature


In Airdrop, we can now able to share files just by keeping our iPhone near and this will work for sharing any photos and videos from one iPhone to another iPhone very quickly


Namedrop again a cool feature on iOS 17 that helps you when you try to send someone your contacts it shares your contacts when you hold your iPhone and another iPhone on top of the near will transfer contacts this feature required both iPhones need to be updated on iOS 17 at least developer beta 2 for now

Live voicemail

Live Voicemail is yet another feature that is very helpful if someone is trying to send a Voicemail if you are an iPhone you can check directly or respond to that person if you think that is important to you or not

Swipe to Replay in iMessage

In iMessage, this feature is quite beneficial If you are using iOS 17 and when trying to reply to someone you can just simply swipe to reply Earlier in 16 this feature is not available due to this you could easily reply to someone however still hold to replay

Check-in future: In the check-in, your friends will able to check whether you reached the desired location which you want as this can give your friends and family a clear understanding and peace of safety making them less worried

Create stickers in Photos:  Creating stickers now on iPhone wide amazing I used my iPhone and I created lots of stickers and it created very well you do not need to go for any third-party apps you just need to go to your photos app you can directly create and the best part of about this you can send it on WhatsApp Also

Create live stickers in iMessage: when it comes to iMessage you can now also create it on iMessage as well all you need to do is go to sticker and select whatever image you want to send as a sticker and it will send as a live sticker on your iPhone

interactive widgets:  I am using interactive Widgets on my iPhone and now when iOS 17 is quite interactive if you try to add some Widget like Apple Music you can now play pause right to the visit no need to go into the app and it works for different apps as well

Create Safari Profiles: Unlike Google Chrome on desktop we can now create profiles on Safari which is not possible in iOS 16 but you can now create multiple profiles on your preference like for work and personal purposes or someone with family using the same iPhone then this feature is really to manage different profiles

Clear History of Any Profiles: You can clear the history of any profiles you want all you have to select which profile you want to delete the history and there is a new y where you can select yesterday’s past time where ever you want to delete the history of any profile

If you are using Apple Music on your iPhone you will find some changes and also some added things in Apple Music which is really helpful Any other things added Change with Apple Music

See Music Credit: We can now check the music credit whenever you listen to any songs you will find if you tap on 3 dots you can now check the music credit and also all the details of this song’s Performance artist, compositions & Lyric, Production & engineering and Available audio quality of the song

Enable Crossfade You can also enable crossfade in Apple Music just by going to their Apple Music setting and you can customize it according to your preference it usually plays different songs as soon your one song ends and you will notice the transition

Carplay: you can now play a song and your family members request to play a song that day intent to play on car play they can request you so you can approve them each user needs to scan a code to get playlist queue songs in car play

Collaborate Music: This feature sounds interesting as you can invite other Apple Music users to collaborate on songs in a single playlist but this feature is won’t available this year all we need to take patience at least for next year

app store:  on the app store if we download any app earlier there is no time estimation out there to see how much time it requires to download but in iOS 17 we can now check how much time it requires to download the app and this really helpful to you understand how much time it will take

Live wallpaper:  We can now add live wallpapers on our iPhone all we have to do as just to have to customize our wallpaper and set it for the home and lock screen

Visual Look Up: on the photos app if you go to any images it will now be showing that what kind of this item is supposed if you capture a mango photo or an Apple photo it will detect the photo and show you which kind of thing it is or if you captured of food photo it will also detect that it is a food and also show you the item

AirPlay:  in airplay, there is a change now you scan the QR code and airplay but this feature is right now limited to the hotels and maybe role out to others let me take time 

Mental Wellbeing: In the health app, you will notice there is a mental well you can now tell your iPhone how you feel about your mental health if you are happy or if you are good you can actually tell your iPhone and it can be a best for you and me shows a good data about your mental health

New iOS 17 Wallpaper:  Unlike every year in the latest iOS version you will a new wallpaper that comes as the default wallpaper on every iPhone when it comes and now you will find the following image is the default for now

Personal Voice: Personal voice is an exciting feature but this requires you need to have an iPhone 12 and letter devices if you are using an iPhone XR or 11 then this feature will not work for you this will create your personal voice on your iPhone and it takes about 15 to 45 minutes to generate it

Auto Delete Verification Code: In the settings app you will find an auto delete verification code whenever you receive a code it will delete that code if you enable this setting and it will not mix up with your message this is quite a great feature

Sensitive Content Warning:  if you go to your settings and privacy feature you will find a sensitive content warning this will send a warning when something sensitive content is on your iPhone

Siri: In Siri and search you will find that is a new setting Where can actually enable Siri instead Hey Siri this feature actually quite useful you need to Hey Siri to enable it I tried it on my iPhone it works perfectly however you will notice sometimes it won’t work proper for now

Multiple Timer: When we go to the clock now we can add multiple timers which are not present in iOS 16 if want to stop it you need to go to your clock app and you can create multiple timers you can also delete them into the clock or you can also delete with the live activity in the lock screen

Ping My Watch Control Center  Now in the Control Centre app you can ping your Apple watch and this can be really helpful if you are trying to find your Apple watch all you need to do is go to your control Centre added in your control center and you will find on your controls and all you have to just click it and it will start sending an alert

Dark Mode for AirPods: For airports you can now check if there is a dark mode enabled you will see dark mode airports when it pops up when you try to plug in your iPhone and its be looks great when compared to the normal white version

Photos Markup order: In the photos app markup orders are different and you also find some new settings on it like adding stickers or something that is not present on iOS 16 that is great if you are using iOS 17 you can use this only on iPhone

Limit Access for Application: This is yet another Privacy feature that limits the access of applications accessing your photos and videos unlike Twitter and Instagram you can now limit Access to apps

Screen Distance: if your Children use an iPhone or iPad then screen distance is a new feature that prevents you from viewing your iPhone from very close as a result you can protect your children risk of myopia also the strain on eyesight

Storage Settings Revamped: In the storage settings app you will now check that it is quite Revant and you can see more details compared to the iOS 16 this is Quad helpful you can see a lot of details

Facetime Gestures: On your face time you will find different gestures when you FaceTime call you can do multiple things if you show a heart shape it will be so heart Shape to that contact also if you like up it will show a like gesture which also visible to other side of the person

Facetime On Apple TV: FaceTime can now be used on Apple TV and this is quite a grade it will use your iPhone as a webcam so the quality of the video call is going to be great on your Apple TV

Offline Maps: Offline maps on Apple Maps are quite great If you are using it to go somewhere that doesn’t have any internet you can save offline maps this is not available for some reasons like India so you need to wait for when it available for your region

Live Speach: This is an Accessibility feature if you tap three times it will generate a text box and you can type it will live speech all you can enable it on the accessibility

Add Singanature on PDFs: You can now add a signature on PDFs it is quite a good feature If you are using iOS 17 on your iPhone and iOS 16 this feature is not available so this is quite helpful who want to edit and add a signature

Weather Moon: In the weather app, you can now check whether there is a moon you will find a specific Moon image as previously there is an image already exists but right now I will 17 moons also added to the weather app

Moon Details: In the weather app there is a tale overview of the Moon details can now be seen if you check the weather app down below it will show multiple things about the moon Illumination moon sets next few moon kind of things

Wind Layer: You will also find a wind map option where you can have a clear view of wind speed and direction in your weather app and this can be helpful

Translate Conversation: In the translation app there is a new conversation feature that helps you out to convert to convert to communicate between two people allowing you to communicate better

FreeForm: In free form now you can create shapes unlike the Notes app and this is quite helpful If you are using free form most of the time rather than the Notes app on your iPhone 

Lockscreen (Font Size): In your lock screen you can now precise the font size which is not present on the iOS 16 so you can also customize what size you want to look at on your lock screen and this can be good depending on the image you want to add or decrease font size 

New Calling Screen: When you try to call anyone in iOS 17 you will get a new Calling screen that looks amazing I know this will not be available to iOS 16 I think you will like it for sure

Live Photos: You can also add live wallpapers of your photos on the lock screen and it looks white amazing or you can customize the head but different types of background color and stuff

More Plantes Added: On the wallpaper’s side if you still using iOS 16 for right now you will find certain planets on the wallpaper but now you can have many new planets on the wallpaper like the Moon and other planets

New Kaleidoscope Wallpapers: On the wallpaper side there are many kaleidoscope wallpapers also available so you can set it for your Home & lock screen when you say this on your lock screen he actually animates and looks great when you turn it off and turns on in iPhone you can set it on your iPhone

Airtag Sharing: in AirTag Sharing you can now share AirTag with others you need to invite after that person can also the AirTag as you also can remove the person from the sharing it’s up to you

So, these are some of the best features of iOS 17 you can try out on iPhone in the final release