Is iPhone 7 Plus getting iOS 16 | The Reality

iOS 16 iPhone 7

Recently Apple finally unveil iOS 16 including macOS Ventura and iPadOS 16 that in first impression looks so impressive especially when we talk about iOS 16 which brings many new features that can be seen this year obvious that the new iPhone is on the way Despite all of this when it comes to iOS … Read more

Top 10 All-time Best Games to Play for iPhone 6S/7/7 Plus

Top 10 Games for iPhone 7

If you are using an iPhone 6s or iPhone 7/7 Plus and looking for the best games to play then you are in the right place  Most of us still use our iPhone 6s and 7/7 Plus despite it getting old the performance of its quite appreciable however you might experience some lags which is … Read more

Free Music Apps for iPhone 6s/6s Plus iOS 15.5

Free Music Streaming Apps iPhone 6s

If you are using an iPhone 6s and 6S Plus and looking for free music apps then in this post you will know the top 10 free music apps which you can able to install on your iPhone these apps have free and premium plans which you can choose so what are free Music App For … Read more

Will iPhone 6s,6s Plus & SE Get iOS 16?

iPhone 6s iOS 16

iPhone 6s is about 7 years old in 2022 even if look at iPhone SE 1st Generation which is also old about 6 years both of them are running pretty well you can still play casual games, call WhatsApp even you can do your day to day tasks you need to know that this iPhone’s … Read more

Why iPhone SE, 6s and 6S Plus not Getting iOS 15 in 2021

No iOS 15 iPhone 6S

iOS 15 coming with new iPhone with new features this year for sure but this time iPhone SE, 6S and 6S Plus no longer getting it doesn’t mean this iPhones won’t get any future update Like the iPhone 5s and 6 and 6 Plus where’s this iPhone still get security update but how long i … Read more