How to Turn On Crossfade on iOS 17 in Apple Music

Are you listening to music and you want to enable Crossfade on your iPhone This is something that most of you are looking in your iPhone when it comes to Spotify This thing is already present so finally you can enable Crossfade on your iPhone in iOS 17 means works almost on supported iPhone’s like iPhone Xr to iPhone 14

What is Crossfade in Apple Music

Crossfade allows your songs to play gapless which usually increases the volume when your previous songs end and the next music starts playing meaning there is no silence in songs at the end you will notice a smooth transition to the song it can be set at your preference

This feature already exists on Spotify and I don’t find this feature on iOS 16 so this will work on iOS 17 especially if you are Apple Music

How to Enable on Your iPhone

Make sure you are using iOS 17 on Your iPhone It’s quite easy to enable the Crossfade on iPhone in Apple Music for now all you need to follow the steps given below

First Open Your Settings

Find Music

Enable the Crossfade

Choose your Preference


Should we use Crossfade

When it comes to enabling crossfade it depends upon your personal choice if you want to play songs without gaps you can enable it otherwise you can disable it for me I usually enable this feature creates a smooth transition from one song to another

Will this work on my iPhone X

If you are using an iPhone that does not support iOS 17 this feature will not work on Apple Music but you can still listen to songs in crossfade on Spotify as there is no iOS 17 limitation is usually required for that

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