Is iPhone 13 Still Good for Playing BGMI?

If you ask me which iPhone people most likely still using I would say iPhone 13 

Many of you still want to have An iPhone it may be your different purposes but most of the time where I know most of my friends take the iPhone 13 for gaming, especially for BGMI and other Battle Royale games however not only games the camera also a reason but still iPhone 13 is good For playing BGMI

iPhone 13 can handle most of the high-end games you play on your iPhone especially I have tested out many games on it like Call of Duty, Asphalt like games and will it comes to BGMI still flawless on this iPhone, and the experience you get on this is really satisfying

Things you need to know about BGMI iPhone 13

Most of you notice might be your friends or anyone who is playing BGMI mostly on their iPhone I know many of them may choose Android as well but when it comes to an iPhone 13 you will find your most friends use it going for an iPhone and you can still expect it under 60K in the market or online or in the sale you get even less price

As I already try out my other iPhones like iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone 10 iPhone XR as well but when it’s come to performance I would highly recommend if you trying to get iPhone especially for gaming like BGMI you should consider iPhone 13 at least for now

BGMI Graphics on iPhone 13

So when it comes to Graphics on iPhone 13 I would say that many of you would go for smooth and extreme gameplay but you can get Ultra HD support on this iPhone so you can play with Ultra HD up to Ultra and performance is amazing so you don’t find any legs unless there is a ping issue or network issue on your iPhone overall playing experience is far better with iPhone 13 comparing to its older iPhone’s like iPhone 11 or iPhone XR

Should you pick iPhone 13 for playing BGMI

iPhone 13 comes with many advantages like still getting major software updates and this year you can expect the iOS 17 update as this iPhone 13 is compatible but it’s quite shocking that the iPhone X that change the iPhone so far is not on the list of iOS 17 update

if you getting an older iPhone at a better price then an older iPhone is also not bad when it comes if you are searching for especially iPhone 13 for BGMI you can still have it as the iPhone 13 getting updates also still flawless for high-end games like BGMI you should take iPhone 13 in my recommendation

As I also shared a detailed review of the iPhone 13 you can check out

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