Is Google Drive for iOS 12/12.5.7 iPhone 5s,6 Working

Google Drive is one of the ways that we can back up our files on it which help to get free up storage on devices there are many other cloud storage option out there for iOS but the majority of you will know that iCloud offers limited space and free up to 5GB, on the other hand, Google offers up to 15 GB space for free and above you need to upgrade it to paid plans

That’s the reason still most of us move to Google Drive on iPhone but most of you are aware of google drive shows an error while installing which is happened with iPhone 5s, and 6 on iOS 12.5.5 so things are there is a way to install it

Why Google Drive Moves on iOS 13

Unlike most of the apps, you look into it no longer supports iOS 12 as the result having an iPhone that runs the latest iOS version is required to install most of the apps on AppStore while this is not new here already we have seen it with iPhone 5 which no longer support YouTube as Well

Maybe the reason is obvious that the iPhone 5s and 6 are getting now which again is an indication that you now need to move the iPhone that runs the latest version of iOS

Is there any way to use it

I know most of you want to know that there is a way to install it will be how long it will work I don’t guarantee all you require is two iPhones one running the latest version of iOS and the second need your iPhone 5s or iPhone 6 install the app first on latest one with same apple id

Now, check your iPhone 5s or 6

Tap to the Cloud icon

it will start installing

Is Google Drive Working on iOS 12.5.7

Google Drive works fine on my iPhone 7 and tried it on my iPhone 5s as its working you can still backup & sync your files but how long will work I don’t know maybe future it will require an update to use it as long as it works you can use it for sure

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