Top 10 Video Editors for iPhone 8,8 Plus X iOS 16.6

Did you know iPhone X is no longer getting iOS 17 it’s unfortunate but the best part you need to know no matter if it’s not getting iOS 17 literally it doesn’t mean that you cannot use it still one of the value-for-money-iPhones that still considerable with iOS 16.6

While iPhones like the 8 and 8 Plus still getting stuck with iOS 16 so you can also use video editing apps on it but you will love the experience iPhone X as the first iPhone that comes with a bigger screen with FaceID it doesn’t mean that 8 and 8 Plus is bad all

Things you need to know about editing apps on iPhone X

it’s wired to know that iPhone X is stuck with iOS 16.6 so far we expected that iPhone X may get iOS 17 as the last major update for this iPhone but things are not the same which doesn’t mean that you cannot able to use your iPhone most the apps still works great on it

I know a few persons that they still on iPhone X not yet upgraded their iPhones due it still provides good performance compared with older iPhones

Top 10 Video Editing Apps for iPhone 8,8 Plus & iPhone X

There are multiple apps are present that you can install and use on your iPhone but I filtered out some of the all-time best video editing apps which make your editing next level you can perform most of the customization you want like crop, changing background, adding effects, etc

As some of them are paid and some come with subscriptions that are worth you which unlock various features also you can remove the watermark

AppsRequiresFree/Paid to Install
iMovieiOS 16Free
Luma FusioniOS 15.4Paid
FilmoraiOS 12Free
KineMasteriOS 14Free
VN Video EditoriOS 13Free
Adobe Premire Rush For VideoiOS 14Free
Power DirectoriOS 13Free
VitaiOS 13Free
InShotiOS 12Free
SpliceiOS 12Free

Will these Apps will work in the future on my iPhone X

The first thing you need to understand I don’t think is iPhone X is going to fade away very soon so you can expect that these editing apps will support it as long this app is not moved to the latest version of iOS which really takes a longer time, especially for iPhone X or if you are still on iPhone 8 and 8 Plus than don’t worry you can also use it but again the experience of editing will always best with the iPhone

So, these are some of the best video editing apps you can use on your iPhone 8, 8 Plus & iPhone X

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