Is iPhone XR still best for Playing BGMI

iPhone XR is one of my favorite iPhones of all time and I have been using it for a very long time if you notice that the iPhone XR is still capable to play heavy high-end games like Asphalt, Call of Duty, and when it comes to playing BGMI on iPhone XR still a good option on a budget

I Played many games on this iPhone and it’s still good to go but what are other things you need to know about on iPhone XR when you planning to play BGMI on this

Things you need to know about iPhone XR gaming

iPhone XR is still capable to play heavy games I played a lot of games on it and I can say that this is still a good option if you looking for a budget iPhone I already shared reviews of it where I discuss its in very detail but when it comes to gaming I think iPhone XR can be a really good option who is looking for a budget iPhone for gaming, especially BGMI(Battleground Mobile India)

so what about the BGM I what about the BGM my graphics you will usually get only iPhone XR

BGMI Graphics on iPhone XR

When it comes to Graphics you can able to play it on 60FPS but the majority of us obviously don’t Play on ULTRA HD usually play with smooth and extreme I know many of my friends play with smooth and extreme however if you planning to play on this you can play up to HDR which is the great thing about this iPhone 

And overall you find that game playing very good however you find some legs on it which is okay as it has old enough about 5 years so you can ignore this

Should you play BGMI on iPhone XR?

I think iPhone XR is still a good-to-go iPhone as it supports HDR and you can also play Smooth and extreme and play with a big screen if you compare it with iPhone 7, iPhone 8, or even iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone 7 Plus the display size is quite small and playing with a big screen still get an option for you

so I think you should go for it but you will find some legs on it and sometimes heat issue this common as it also getting old

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