Is iPhone 11 still Good for Playing BGMI?

If you are looking for iPhone 11 to play games specially BGMI 

I know that my be you are the one who is looking for this iPhone 11 o know the BGMI Graphics at all due to still coming on a budget right now the only thing that is disappointing that it lacks 5G support otherwise this iPhone is not bad yet I already Shared review of iPhone 11 in 2023 where I discussed in detail about it but what about the BGMI

Things you need to know about the BGMI on iPhone 11

Bgmi is one of the games that reminds me of the days when I played it with my friends however things are very changed right now BGMI is still loved by most of us may you started playing in season 1 or 2 when PUBG was introduced however it’s banned but the best game return for especially Indian people

when it comes to my friends most of them are on iPhone 11 now and you will find that the majority of them still love using their iPhone 11 for playing BGMI

so if you are looking to play BGMI on this iPhone I don’t think that it bad decision and if you are getting it at a budget price however iPhone 13 is still a good deal

BGMI Graphics on iPhone 11

Graphics on iPhone 11 supports up to Ulta HD and playing with it looks very good you can also play with smooth and extreme the majority of people are playing in these settings and if you are trying to play with smooth and extreme which is still good on it playing on UltaHD Graphics are amazing on iPhone 11 but it can only goes up to Ultra

but it seems that it’s running iOS 16 on this iPhone now and overall you will find some legs which are obvious as it getting old alright now earlier we know that running very flawless

Should I go for iPhone 11 for BGMI

Yes you can go for it for playing BGMI on iPhone 11 and still, you get a good amount of performance compared to previous iPhones like iPhone 7, iPhone 8, and iPhone XR I personally used iPhone 11 to play BGMI and found that it’s running great on iPhone 11

so you can consider to use it of playing games all you need to check that its battery health is suitable for you or check whether your iPhone if you iPhone heating or not then you should not consider it you can check the second-hand market to get this iPhone or try out refurbished