How To Use Depth Effect Wallpaper on iPhone&iPad iOS 16/17

iPhone’s lock screen is getting very interesting and you already know about its depth effect that literally amazing wallpapers are looking very great on your lock screen as it separates the foreground from the background and photos look amazing

I tried to do it on my iPhone 8 and also with iPhone XR and found that the death effect is working properly on A12 supported iPhone


if you try to add any images of the iPhone 8, or 8 Plus even the iPhone X lacks the depth to use that the fact you are required at least an iPhone XR so doesn’t mean that it’s not working it’s working on its with some of the default iOS 16 wallpapers on iPhone 8 in Plus

Things you need to know about that effect on iPhone

Depth effect on iPhone works great basically does that it separates the Foreground from the background your image looks more appealing if you added any widgets will adjust your wallpaper like the clock this thing works on any iPhone

To use this kind of Feature you need at least an iPhone XR as is not working at all your iPhone must be supported A12 so in my case I also tried with iPhone XR and it worked fine

How to use the Depth effect on your iPhone/iPad

To use the Depth effect on your iPhone as I already mention that you required at least A12 supported iPhone otherwise the depth effect most likely not work in your photos so you need to go first into your settings

Move to wallpaper

Next, you need to go to add a new wallpaper

then you find that you will be suggested some photos very fine that there are already suggesting some of your photos with depth effect in able for some of your pictures

if you try to do a custom photo you can try it out with your photo go to photos

After adding your photo You can check that the foreground is separated from the background of the photo

on the lock screen or you can find the three-tab so you can see that there is depth effect is enabled if you tap on that effect you can disable that and also enable the same but I will proceed with the depth effect after that and save it

and after doing that we finally added a wallpaper with a depth effect on our lock screen on iPhone & iPad

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