Is iPhone 12 still Worth in 2022 to Buy

Every year we are excited to see what’s next in iPhone back in 2020 Apple introduced iPhone 12 alongside with all-new iPhone 12 mini for the first time and both comes with 5G support I think this is what everyone needs but things are not the same always with its previous generation iPhone 11 that limited to 4G

Things you need to know about iPhone 12

As you already know the iPhone 12 comes with 5G alongside for the first time with its mini version that seems works the same as the iPhone 12 in compact size however many of us require a big screen I don’t know how many of you will consider a compact iPhone In my case I would prefer for iPhone 12 instead mini

still, most of the people I know where require a compact iPhone which is far better than iPhone SE 2020 for sure in every expect

Inside iPhone 12 box

In the box, you will get only iPhone 12 with cable so there is no adaptor for sure which you requires to get it additionally cost you around $19 or more for a 20W Adaptor that can be used to iPhone, iPad and AirPods

Even there are no headphones inside the box again you need to get them separately

Technical Spces

iPhone 12 runs on Apple’s A14 Bionic Chip which is faster than previous-generation iPhones come with an OLED display that is best for watching video details look quite sharp available with 64/128/256 GB variant with 4GB RAM

In The Box

In the Box iPhone, 12 comes with cable and there is no charging adaptor or headphones available you will get a user manual and Apple Sticker for sure this is not for the first time after iPhone 11 every new iPhone comes with no Charging Adapter


the camera of iPhone 12 in both front and back supports night mode that can capture amazing photos even at the night so there are two rear cameras which both come to 12 MP one is for taking wide-angle and second is for capturing ultra-wide-angle

One thing that I personally like is that it can record video in Dolby vision in 4K up to 30fps however its Pro models can go up to 60fps which is higher compared to the non-pro model it also improves the quality of video

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iPhone 12 and all supported iPhones currently running iOS 15.3.1 soon it will get iOS 15.4 in the coming days you can expect an iOS 16 update this fall which is the best thing why people considers having an iPhone

after iOS 16 still, we can expect Major iOS updates up to four years


When it comes to a battery of it you will 2851 mah non-removable battery that can be charged with fast charging overall the performance of the battery is good you can expect longer battery life and it also supports wireless charging with Megsafe

Pros of iPhone 12

5G Connectivity

OLED Display

MagSafe Charger Supported

Video Recording in Dolby Vision

Strong chances for getting an iOS 16 update this fall

MagSafe accessories support

Support Dolby Atmos in Built-in Speaker(Apple Music)

Price is lower comparing iPhone 13 models

Cons of iPhone 12

The battery only has 2851 which is less comparing iPhone 11

No High Refresh Rate

Dolby Vision can record up to 4K up to 30fps in iPhone 12 except its Pro Models

MagSafe Charger requires to buy additionally

Is iPhone 12 Worth to Buy in 2022

Overall iPhone 12 is far better in terms of Performance than the Previous iPhone XR and 11 you get most of the features and I think it’s still a better option to opt for unless you don’t require cinematic mode on your iPhone that comes iPhone 13 models

The price of the iPhone 13 is still higher so if you have a tight budget can go with iPhone 12