What is Family Sharing How to Use in iPhone/iPad iOS 17

Family sharing Allows you to share your subscription, such as Apple Music, Apple TV+, iCloud+, and many more subscriptions you can share with your family members I am using iOS 17 on my iPhone so it’s quite easy to do all your needs to follow the step by step guide which I mention in this post as already added my family members in Family Sharing in iOS 17

In family sharing you can use your subscription used for up to 6 people including you which means you can invite 5 more people in your family members and you have the control of sharing subscriptions

Why use family sharing on Your iPhone/iPad

Family sharing is really amazing but comes to sharing your subscription with your family members and it also saves you lots of money if your family member purchases any subscription purchased individually it would cost a lot but having a family membership saves you a lot of money where you can share your subscription to 6 members including yourself like Apple Music and other subscription

As I tried to use Family Sharing on Android Devices to and working great but the thing is you need Apple ID to use on your Android phone so how do you actually invite anyone

How to invite someone in your family member

if you want to share your subscription with one of your family members you are required to first invite them after that successful invitation acceptance they can utilize the subscription you are sharing with them for example I am using Apple Music a couple of times and I am sharing with my one of my brother and he can able to use the subscription as it holds their separate individual playlist and Library which is a good thing which is not mix up

To invite you have to go to family

Tap on the + icon


choose your contact

send them

once they accept the request

they are likely to be added to your family list

How to remove family members in Family Sharing

 want to remove someone from the family group

 go to your family

 tap on someone you want to remove

 stop sharing

 and then

this is how you can invite someone in your family group where you can able to share your subscription

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