How to Fix YouTube Something Went Wrong Tap to Retry on iPhone/iPad(10 Ways)

How to fix YouTube something went wrong tap to retry on your iPhone and iPad

Are you using YouTube on your iPhone and suddenly you notice “something went wrong tap to retry” on your iPhone or iPad if this happened to you that means there are many reasons behind it should look at them and fix it as this type of issue I already faced in my iPhone

So I will share the exact way you can fix this issue as I fixed tap to retry on YouTube

Things you need to know about YouTube’s Something went wrong problem 

When it comes to YouTube you experience something that went wrong problem multiple things are responsible for this and mainly this issue is related to your Internet connection In most of the time this can be fixed but not for all as some of your still experience this problem which may occur which I experienced personally due to

Network issue: I know many of you using your internet connection mainly use our mobile data, not the WIFI so sometimes it’s obvious that your data is not working properly first make sure you check that the network is working properly so you can do is change your data connection to 5G to 4G

Using with Old iPhone/iPad: To watch Videos on YouTube App you require iOS 14 on your iPhone otherwise if you are using an old iPhone like an iPhone 5, or 5C, you may experience that Something went wrong on your old iPhone and tap to retry this cannot be fixed due to you need at least updated version of the YouTube app

How to fix the tap to retry something that went wrong on iPhone iPad

If you are still facing tap retry problem or your iPhone then how you can solve this with your iPhone in this I share some of the ways that help you fix

  • Check your internet connection
  • Try to update the YouTube App
  • Reinstall the Youtube App
  • Turn off the background Refresh
  • Check Cellular data is working Proper
  • Restart your iPhone
  • Update your iPhone if available
  • Rest the Network Settings
  • Rest All Settings

Upgrade your old iPhone

Check Your Internet is Working: Most of the time if you notice that your internet not working properly you will face this kind of issue so the first thing you have to do is make sure your internet connection is properly working if your internet connection is not working make sure you use Wi-Fi or try to change your network connection this might be helpful to rid out this

Try to update the YouTube app: If you still think that the YouTube app is showing the same problem that might be your app is not updated you can try to update that app might the issue be resolved on your iPhone

Reinstall YouTube App: You can also try to reinstall it I know many of you already installed YouTube on your iPhone or iPad you can try to reinstall it may be reinstalling will help you out with this tap-to-retry issue

Turn off the background refresh: You can also check the background refresh is make sure is enabled for data in mobile and Wi-Fi if it’s unable to only Wi-Fi make sure you turn on the background refresh this may also help you to fix this issue

Check Cellular data is enabled for YouTube: If you often use cellular data on your iPhone then first you need to go to your mobile network and check that that cellular data is enabled 4 YouTube if it’s not enabled then it will not use the cellular data of your iPhone so make sure you enabled up for YouTube in Mobile Services

simply go to settings mobile network and bottom below you will find YouTube just enable that

Restart your iPhone: You can also try restarting your iPhone and iPad most of the time restarting your iPhone works better so try to restart your iPhone

Update your iPhone/iPad if available: Next, you can try to update your phone if it’s available if you are using any iPhone no matter if it’s iPhone 11 or any iPad you must update your iPhone to the latest version

Rest Network Setting: You can also try resetting your network setting if you think that you have done everything and after that, it’s not working so try resetting your network setting which is also helpful most of the time you can try this out as well

Reset All Settings: You can also try to set All Settings on your iPhone this usually Reset every setting in your iPhone

Upgrade your old iPhone: Still use an old iPhone or iPad that does not support IOS 14 then you should upgrade your iPhone and iPad that have at least the latest version of iOS  as if you found that on your old iPhone no matter if you enable the data it will again and again show you tap to retry and the only way to is fixed to upgrade your iPhone

Also, most of you notice that in most of the old iPhone including the iPhone 5s & 6 now showing update required notice so you should update old iPhone’s

So these are some quick things you can try out on your iPhone and an iPad so you can check whether YouTube is working or not most of the time I find my internet connection is the problem I face this type of issue