How to use NameDrop on Your iPhone in iOS 17

Name drop is a feature that works with Airdrop and its the best way of sharing contacts between two iPhones suppose I have to send someone my contact to their phone just I have to use the name drop to send my contact information to them and its works very fine

however, this will only work if both two iPhone’s on 17 Developer beta 2 right now if you try to do one with iOS 17 and one with 16 then this will not work

Things you need to know about the NameDrop Feature

Namedrop usually exchanges contacts between two iPhones and its uses Airdrop to do this if you try to send someone a contact you can transfer it between the two of you because doing it manually takes time giving someone’s number and saving that number so this will really helpful for you if you try to use this

Not only sharing the contacts will also help you to send some images and share play Kind of stuff that you can do with With this new feature

How to use Namedrop on my iPhone

want to use namedrop on your iPhone is quite easy to use all you required to iPhone and make sure that both iPhones have iOS 17 installed and this will work right now you see it’s working on developer beta to so you must have developer beta to on your iPhone otherwise this will not work So first you make sure that both iPhones must install iOS 17

now next you need to take both iPhones to nearby

you will notice animation while you keep your iPhone nearby

When we get named drop in our iPhone

Name of currently working on iOS 17 developer beta 2 or later to make sure you have installed developer beta Or you can wait for the final release which is going to happen this September when the next iPhone is going to launch this fall

Which iPhone is going to support this feature

When it comes to the support of this feature mostly every iPhone that supports I was 15 will definitely support this feature like the iPhone XR,11,12 kind of iPhones will support this feature sure but the disappointment for iPhone X no longer supports this featureĀ is not eligible for this update

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