Can we able to update iPhone 7 & 7 Plus to iOS 17

iPhone 7 still holds great performance when it comes to an older iPhone I have been using this for a very long time so right now it’s my Secondary device I use Many different iPhones for now If you find iPhone 7 which is currently stuck with iOS.15.7.8 So is there any way to update your iPhone 7 to iOS 17

Things you need to know about the iPhone 7 update status 

When it comes to iPhone 7 it is stuck on iOS 15.7.8 as it getting old enough we all expected that it would get at its final iOS 16 last year but unfortunately this iPhone is not on the list of iOS 16 supported iPhones that have been shocking for many iPhone 7 uses  

As if we look at an iPhone 6S that gets up to six years of major updates that include the iOS 15 and it’s really disappointing for any iPhone 7 user at least we can expect with iPhone 7 Plus which comes with more internal Specs

So, it doesn’t mean that  iPhone 7 is not usable for photos who are using iPhone 7 right now are still capable  to do basic tasks like messaging WhatsApp, and calling as you are also getting security updates from time to time which is great with this iPhone 7 even after a long major software update it’s getting at least security updates

 Can we able to update iPhone 7 to iOS 17

Unfortunately, there is no way to update iPhone 7 to iOS 17 as iPhone 7 is not compatible with iOS 17 if it’s not supported iOS 16 so how we can expect of getting 17 on this device the best part is you are getting at least security update time to time as I don’t find any issue while using it on iOS 15 for now but in future you may experience issues related to Apps

I know that iPhone 7 is very old but in my experience, I still using it holds good performance in 2023 also so you can still use it if you have but if you want to get it in 2023 I don’t think it’s a good decision you can check other iPhone like iPhone Xr, iPhone 13 and other iPhone that at least support iOS 17

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