How to Add WhatsApp Widget on your lock screen iOS 16 on iPhone/iPad

Are you using WhatsApp on your iPhone? 

If you want to add a widget on your lock screen can you able to do it 

And the answer is yes

if you are using any iPhone that supports iOS 16 Later you can add this widget on your iPhone we all use WhatsApp in our day-to-day life not only for chat but also to view the status, video calls, and audio calls to someone so it’s better to have a chat view Also the status view on the lock screen to have a view pending chats to replay

Things you need to know about WhatsApp Widget on iPhone

The first thing you need to know about that this Widget can be added to your lock screen and you can see chats and status views only if you left a swipe

In the Chat view: you can see which person is sending you a message and which are in general pending and it will show with a blue icon after checking the chat the blue icon will disappear

In the status view, you can only check which person has added the status which is limited To 4 people and can’t swipe to all WhatsApp Statuses You need open the App to Watch all the status

How to enable the WhatsApp widget on your iPhone

Have you tried Spotify Widget that you can have on the lock screen on the top which can be used to open Spotify in WhatsApp Widget you cannot set it on top of the lock screen which can be used only if you use some third-party lock screen launchers so it doesn’t mean this WhatsApp widget is not useful

It’s quite easy to enable WhatsApp will it on your lock screen all you have to

swipe left from the lock screen you get the edit option

you need to go to the customization

all you need to add to WhatsApp

after adding the WhatsApp Widget tap on done

next, you will find chats and status views on your iPhone 

So this is how you can add the WhatsApp widget on your iPhone and its works pretty well it tried and tested with my iPhone XR which is really helpful to To see which person is sending me chats

Can I use WhatsApp Widget on iPhone 6 or iPhone 7

Well unfortunately this won’t work on iPhone 6 and later iPhones this will only work with iOS 16 or later iPhones so you need to upgrade your iPhone for now

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