How to Enable Siri instead of Hey Siri on iPhone in iOS 17

iOS 17 has a cool feature that helps you out with Siri and this will help you to get things done faster as you only need to speak “Siri” instead of Hey Siri and Siri will pop up and start listening to you I have tried it on my iPhone XR and it is working very fine so how to enable Siri in iOS 17

Your iPhones must be needed to be iOS 17 installed otherwise this will not work how you do it I will show you in this post

Things you need to know about iOS 17 Siri feature

We all know that Siri first came up with the iPhone 4s and everything has changed how we use our iPhone most of us use it by taping the home button and it appears some

iPhone requires to be connected a charger to use “Hey Siri” like an older iPhone 5,5s,6 & 6 Plus but after the iPhone 6s there is no need to be connected to the charger as you can see below image that the iPhone 5 connected to charger than “Hey Siri” Working

however, there is no need to be connected to the charger if you are using the latest iPhone

As Siri upgraded with many features one thing that we need to notice is that if we want to enable Siri we are required to say “Hey Siri” Now Siri will work by speaking “Siri” only with iOS 17

So if you are using any older devices that don’t have the latest iOS 17 then you will miss this feature for iPhone X, iPhone 8, and 8 Plus still required to speak “Hey Siri” to enable it

How to enable Siri in iOS 17

to allow “Siri” only on your iPhone you need to go to your first settings You will find that there is a new setting available “Siri” and another is “Hey Siri” Whichever you can use you can set but to enable the Siri only

First, you need to go to Siri and search

 Next, you need to check and listen for

 after selecting Hey Siri or Siri

Set to “Siri”

 it’s done 

so I hope you know how you can enable those features on iOS 17

Will Siri Only Work with iOS 16

This feature is currently supported on iOS 17 which means there is no chance that this feature will get on your iPhone X as you can still use Hey Siri which is available on iPhones for now To use this feature you need to have ios 17 on your iPhone

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