Is iPhone X Reason Why Apple’s iPhone 8 Got Decrease Sale

Is iPhone X Reason Why Apple’s iPhone 8 Got Decrease Sale

Apple iPhone 8 sell was not being so impressive right now and coz Apple’s Decrease on its share cause the decrees rate of iPhone 8 right now so what’s going wrong with iPhone 8 this happens with the cause of releasing strategy that makes iPhone X better than the iPhone 8

Yes ! Or Not One of the Big Reason why Apple’s iPhone 8 sale rate decrees which made on September why not people showing interest not in iPhone 8 but primary waiting for the Next Gen Apples’s iPhone X while comparing price with iPhone 8, 8 Plus with the iPhone X iPhone X still one of Apple’s Top in list coz for the Higher Price rate and for the hardware of the iPhone X. iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus and running latest iOS 11 and iPhone X coming with same iOS 11  impressive A11 Bionic Chip  Overall Design of iPhone X still different 

But People still looking for the older modules of iPhone they still buying it and enjoying it not because of the latest hardware they got more memory form that Reason why People buying iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 models from that The weak sale of Apple’s iPhone 8 and decrees the revenue  

We all know that revolutionary iPhone 2G launched back on 2007 and now 10 years back as the 10th anniversary of the revolutionary iPhone Apple fans waiting for there iPhone X and one of the reason fans are currently disappointed with late availability of the iPhone X the Availability of iPhone set for the November 3rd  

See Whats Happens 

Ajay Sharma

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