Where to Find Backup iPhone or iPad Apps From iTunes without Tweak

Where to Find Backup iPhone or iPad Apps From iTunes without Tweak

If you are using An iPhone and Download Apps more and backup those apps to iTunes in order for future use if you accidentally delete a App we know that sometime we do with our iPhone but what when you deleted iTunes form your PC or Format your Windows System all those backup Apps are gone but still it can be backup with iPhone but for few Apps which are installed into your iPhone

You need to Again Download those Apps which are accidentally deleted but might you know that you can easily find those backup Apps From your PC this no need any tweaks

Things you need to know that

This can be done iTunes only for backup Apps but in order to this you need to Log in with iTunes and needed to backup with iTunes if you already deleted the iTunes without taking Apps form iTunes folder to At Different place then Apps are really got deleted you need to do this before deleting iTunes form PC

How to Get Right NOW

First Connect Your iPhone or iPad 
It automatically starts backup

When the backup finish

Now you need to close iTunes

Now Go to this Folder

C/Users/Username/My Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/Mobile Applications


Make Sure First Properly backup the Apps before finding otherwise there is no Apps are backup

Is This works for You