AltServer for iPhone/iPad iOS 12/15

AltServer is a part of Altstore which is an alternative to the app store for non-Jailbroken iDevices mainly used for IPA Signing for both Windows and macOS and it allows to sideload apps with the help of Altstore

What AltServer do

We already told you that it’s an IPA signing for the apps with personal certificates which helps to install & signed apps on your iPhone with iTunes WIFI sync you need to know that as most of the time apps expire due it provide a free development certificate allows you to sign more than 10 ID for Seven Days

For Prevent an app from expire its checks and refresh your apps in the background when your iPhone is connected with the same wifi as your Altsever or you can sign in manually but makes sure you do before the app is about to expire

for more you can get updated with it AltServer

Which iPhone’s Supported

When it comes to supported iPhones so tried most of the iPhones which usually supported iOS 12 and later such as iPhone 5s,6 to iPhone X, and later iPhone older iPhone such as 4,4s,5 not working if you have these iPhone’s means you can easily able to Install it you require MacOS 10.14.4 later or PC with Windows 10

Does it Require Jailbreak?

The best thing about Altserver is not to require any kind of jailbreak but you need to rely on your Mac or Pc for the app install and refresh even connected with the same WiFI but you can also go for jailbreak with Altdaemon that acts as a local alt server which can install apps without the help of computer

Most of the time if you check out for an alternative to app store requires Jailbreak such as AppCake but still some alternative works as no jailbreak as well and when it comes to a non-Jailbreak this AltSever works as best

How to fix could not found AltServer

a common error when it comes to installing it shows an error called ” could not found AltServer” which can be fixed make sure you are connected with the same wifi connection on Mac or Pc

if connected then In iTunes you need to allow WIFI sync now try again it will be fixed