Is iOS 16 will be the last update for iPhone 7?

Last year Apple Released iOS 15 including iPhone 7 and 7 Plus which are running perfectly and still the security updates are coming recently it receives iOS 15.3.1 and iOS 15.4 might be near release however iPhone 7 has already been discontinued by Apple

Many of worried about this year’s iOS update iOS 16 may not be available for me I am also using an iPhone 7 for a very long time thinking about switching to another iPhone but really will iPhone 7 get iOS 16 chances are more likely to get the update

Things you need to know about the update

iOS 16 is coming this fall with a new iPhone than will get the final version of the iOS 16 there are more chances that this will get an update however we don’t have any official confirmation for now all we can predict is that if the iPhone 6S get iOS 15 last year which receives about 7 years of update

Similarly, with iPhone 7 more chances that will get the update

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Will iPhone 7 get iOS 16 update

As we already know that iPhone 7 is getting old about 7 years in 2022 and maybe it was the last iOS update chances are quite strong later this year we can’t see any major iOS update but we can expect security updates on it which is again still worth at least you will get updates

While comparing to Google’s Pixel Devices which offers only three years of major Android update

When we will know about the iOS 16 update Available?

As we already said we don’t know any official announcement but tracking the previous record it may be announced this year at WWDC in mid or last week of June in beta for the final version we need to wait until the new iPhone launch