How to Power off or Restart iPhone XR in Two Ways

Want to Restart Your iPhone XR relatively easily it may seem I know if you are shifting from iPhone 7 or 8 or SE 2020 to an iPhone XR and you will notice that it not when you tap on the power button usually it won’t run off so how you can restart your iPhone XR

it’s relatively easy to do all you require to do the things that I have mentioned in this post

Things you need to know about iPhone XR

When it comes to iPhone XR I think it’s wired to know that you can turn on the device by holding the side button and if you do the same it will not work to power off I know it’s quite confusing for you same happened to me so if want to restart your iPhone xr i mentioned below how you can do exactly

Why Restart Your iPhone XR

I don’t know if you noticed or not sometimes it freezes so there is only one option to restart which help to rid of the issue all you need to make sure of is to restart your iPhone XR

How to Restart iPhone XR

In Order to Restart your iPhone you can follow this step

First, you need to hold power and volume up the bottom

Now slide to power off the iPhone XR

Wait until its off

Press the Side button for a few seconds until it’s on

Your iPhone XR restarts

Method 2

To do this you need to go to your settings

Next on settings go to General

Find the Option to “Shut Down”

again slide to power off

wait for the complete off

then power on by holding the side button

and done