How to Downgrade iOS 15 to iOS 14 on Any iPhone

iOS 15 is still in beta right now those who opt for Apple beta Program can install it however if you want to go back to iOS 14 which is running most of the iPhone so all you need to take a backup of your iPhone before you downgrade your iPhone to iOS 15 to 14.7.1

Things you need to know before you downgrade

Downgrade to iOS 14.7.1 is possible due to Apple signing iOS 14.7.1 which can be used with iTunes but all you need to know is that no matter whether you are updating iOS 15 beta or upcoming stable release downgrade is possible only if Apple still signs the previous version of iOS 14 version in future which I don’t think if iOS 15 release soon iOS 14 will longer downgrade able with iTunes

Which iPhones can be downgraded from iOS 15 to iOS 14?

Mostly you can downgrade any iPhone that running on iOS 15 beta such as iPhone SE,6s,7,8, and later iPhone I recently downgrade to iOS 14.7.1 due soon iOS 15 is about to hit final and has beta version iOS for some users get bugs how far public beta quite stable

The reason why I am going to downgrade my iPhone due iOS 15 was soon available so I thought to time move on stable one

How to downgrade iOS 15 beta with iTunes

As I already told you that I recently downgraded my iPhone 7 which is now running iOS 14.7.1

Required things

you don’t need any kind of third-party software the only thing you need is the iTunes

Simply Install the iTunes

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Now you need to download the iOS firmware just go to ipsw

(Before doing anything proper backup of your iPhone is required otherwise data may be lost)

Now, iTunes you need to click on the shift+restore iPhone (windows) option+restore iPhone(Mac)

Find out iOS firmware and select it

and restore wait for restore done

Can we able to Downgrde to iOS 15 to 14 in 2023

When it comes to downgrading from iOS 15 to iOS 14 is not really possible for now as most of you notice that iOS 15 no longer signs due to that if try to do it will not work no matter if try to do it with an iPhone 6s or iPhone 7 or 7 Plus

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Can I downgrade my iPhone 6s?

No, you can if you install the iOS 15 beta

what if Apple stops signing iOS 15?

You can’t downgrade iOS 15

When final version of iOS 16 is available?

There is no final announcement but hopefully, soon we can see the final version of iOS 16

is my iPhone compatible with iOS 15?

iOS 15 supports on iPhone 6s,6s plus ,7 and 7 Plus