Can we Fix this application Requires iOS 13 or 16 later in older iPhones

if you are using an iPhone 5s to iPhone 7 or 7 Plus where you are unable to install any app that requires iOS 13 and iOS 16 as most of you are frustrated about this issue however this is not just happened to you only I faced this issue in my iPhone’s too

Why Some Apps Now requires iOS 16

Last year iOS 16 was released and if we look out for iOS 17 which is going to release this year as I already shared which iPhones are eligible for iOS 17 update as this is not something that is right now if you noticed iPhones like the iPhone 5s,6 which stuck apps were required later iOS 14 & 16 for some apps

When it comes to apps like iMovie for iPhone 7 also moved to iOS 16 and in the future, you will find more apps will also move to iOS 16 for sure

Can we fix the application that requires iOS 13 or 16

This issue is quite common for older iPhones I don’t think if you are using an iPhone 6s,7 most likely every app and game is still possible to install however some apps moved but when it comes to 5s,6 things so far changed

You are unable to Install apps and the reason is quite obvious it’s too old for now in 2023 however some apps are still on iOS 12 how long I don’t know

All you need to understand you need to have multiple devices so that you can able to install apps on your iPhone otherwise you can’t able to install it

What if I am unable to Install Apps

its really wired situation but what we can expect for 10-year-old iPhone 5s, and 6 its time you need to upgrade your iPhone nothing will work for you