Fix iPhone 8,8 Plus Battery Draining in iOS 16.5(Updated)

Fix iPhone 8,8 Plus Battery Draining in iOS 16.5(Updated)

I know you thinking about why your iPhone 8 draining fast on iOS 16.5

I have been using iPhone 8 since last year and it is obvious that the battery health dropped out as it was a refurbished iPhone however most of your iPhone 8 also have dropped battery health

iOS 16 comes with great features but I experienced battery drains fast if you are having the same issue here I will tell you some solutions to save battery drain in iOS 16.5

Things you need to know about iPhone 8

iPhone 8 still works great in terms of performance for a person who holds it and manages day-to-day tasks quite acceptable as a secondary device for me it provides not have great battery life like newer iPhones as iOS 16 is last major update unfortunately there is no iOS 17 for it

As it updated to iOS 16 I found that the battery drains fast on my iPhone 8 one of the reason behind this is that my iPhone 8 has 78% of battery health as of now which make sense that battery performance degrade also it receives five years of software update last year in 2022 and stuck with it

We expected iOS 17 that it will support but Apple Recently Dropped iPhone 8 and iPhone Plus

Why does my battery drain so fast on iOS 16.5

One of the most common problems that everyone faces is related to the battery most of the time you will notice that no matter which iPhone you use if it does not heat much more likely battery not drain so fast while playing graphics-intensive games like Asphalt 9 My iPhone 8 heat a lot if you use your iPhone just for casual calls and normal gaming it would be great don’t use it if heat a lot

It also depends on the battery does it original or using a third-party one you should always use the original charger or an MFI-certified charger

How to fix battery draining on iPhone 8

To fix the battery draining issue on your iPhone 8 you follow this thing to get a better battery life I also follow the same with my iPhone 8 right now which helps me to at least save some battery from fast draining on iOS 16.5


I often use dark mode on my iPhone not only in iPhone I use it on my other device too this help me to save the battery compared to the light mode in order to use the dark mode you need to go to settings >display and brightness>choose dark

You can also enable it with the control center


Always Turn off the Airdrop only use it when you needed to get photos and videos open the control center find the Airdrop and turn it off


Most of you experience when you are connected to the Mobile Network battery drains a lot so always try to use it when needed


While Playing some games or taking pictures or videos we often use full or more than 50% its ok to use it but if you experience that your battery drains a lot then please use it on low brightness


Many Apps in the background were running as battery drains when you can limit it WIFI or turn it off it depends on you what you do but I usually turn it off


Using Low Power mode also saves battery you can also use it if you think that your battery drains no matter if you do nothing that strongly recommend using this


When you turn on locations it really drains the battery a lot you can limit it by apps which is or turn off for all the apps


You can either Increase the level of contrast or lower the transparency to get


while changing the wallpaper on iOS 16 or adding lots of widgets in the lock screen also drains the battery so limit the number of widgets on the lock screen as well as on the home screen in iOS 16


Turn off the true tone if needed I know most of you use it but try turning it off and check any positive signs that might battery saves

Turn ON Reduce Motion

if you turn on the reduced motion which helps again to save the battery as parallax effects icons will not work

Should I have to Replace my Battery?

if your battery is 85% and above don’t need to replace the battery however you can still replace it depending on you For Me, I Have Less than 80% battery health as I need to replace the battery to get the normal performance

Overall if you still using iPhone 8 for now you can use it and you will follow the steps I follow this will definitely help you to fix your iPhone 8 battery draining

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