Top 30 Apps for iPhone 5s,6 iOS 12/12.5.5

iPhone 5s and 6 are still valuable and most of us have them and I know you are also an iPhone 5s, and 6 user,s and its been so long for when it comes to updating which is stuck at iOS 12 but still basic things you can like watching youtube, Netflix so on even can social media apps like WhatsApp and Facebook

The reality is that we must upgrade our iPhone to get the latest iOS update and features

Things you need to know about iPhone 5s,6

When it comes to updating an iPhone comparing android Apple provides longer Major iOS updates and security updates and compatibility of apps which I don’t think anyone will provide for a very long time that for iPhone’s are till date is also very popular now especially iPhone 5s,6 still gets security update so far

so, why are still people using an iPhone 5s,6 until now but it obvious in the future chances that apple may not provide any security updates

Top 30 Apps for iPhone 5s,6 iOS 12.5.5

In this, you will in different like camera, video editing, photo editing, social media, and more which you can install and use

These apps are very popular no matter which iPhone you have this app are most of us install as you notice some apps require iOS 13 and later which still compatible with iPhone 5s and 6 but there is no guarantee that it will work in near future for iOS 12 iDevices which makes you upgrade your iPhone/iPad

App Name iOS versionCompatibility
WhatsApp iOS 10Available
FacebookiOS 12Available
TelegramiOS 10Available
YouTube iOS 12Available
Google ChromeiOS 14Available
GmailIOS 12Available
TwitteriOS 13.4Available
Microsoft officeiOS 14Available
EvernoteiOS 13.2Available
GrammarlyiOS 12.2Available
CanvaiOS 12Available
TruecalleriOS 12Available
Google DriveiOS 13Available
EbayiOS 13.4Available
SpotifyiOS 12Available
SkypeiOS 11Available
InstagramiOS 12Available
Amazon PrimeiOS 12.1Available
Google PhotosiOS 14Available
PayPaliOS 11Available
StripeiOS 13Available
Pics ArtiOS 12Available
NetflixiOS 14Available
HBO MaxiOS 12.2Available
Disney+iOS 13Available
YouTube MusiciOS 13Available
UberiOS 12.4Available
HuluiOS 13Available
snapchatiOS 11Available
TikTokiOS 9.3Available

So, these are really popular whoever you open the app store you will find it listed as top and many of us use these every day for messaging, sharing photos, emailing and editing photos, and more I know most of you already have these app but few of you find that this apps are longer installable for many of as required iOS 13 and later