How to fix your home button on iPhone 6,7,8 SE 2020

The home button is quite useful when it comes to the use in home screen on iPhone 

I know that you are frustrated that your iPhone home button is not working you tried way to do it but this won’t work anyone due to it as it needs a replacement there is a way you use the alternative to the home button in your iPhone that works as the home button which works for iPhone 6,6s,7,8 or SE 2020 so the process will be same these iPhone’s so how to fix home button on iPhone

  • iPhone 5s
  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 7, 7 Plus
  • iPhone 8 and 8 Plus

Use Home Button Alternative 

Most of you are aware of and most of you don’t know that this thing actually exists in your iPhone usually when the home button does not work it is called the assistive touch which is present in accessibility settings all you need to first enable it and it works like a charm

I tied using my iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 Where there is no physical home button as it helps well no matter if you use it with or without having any issues with your TouchID

How to use Assistive Touch for Home Button

You need first disable the TouchID as having a physical touchID usually broke if you often use me I changed it with my iPhone 5s a lot of times by turning off the touch ID I will no longer promote it you can continue with the passcode

if you are using an iPhone 5s or iPhone 6

Navigate Settings



Assistive Touch

Enable it

For iPhone 7, iPhone 8, or SE 2020




How to re-enable assistive touch not working after reset

This is a very simple process I know after doing rest you are unable to use it after the lock screen all you need to just

swipe left

and find settings

go to specialty settings and enable it

Benefits of Using Assistive Touch 

You can do lots of things using assistive touch this will help you not only with the alternative but also help you other tasks to do with it like without using the home however you can use it as usual but in most the case we use it when our home button works

Taking Screen Shot

For Taking Screenshots you need to press the assistive touch to navigate to the device more and screenshot

Switch Between Apps

You can also switch between apps if your home button is not that again very helpful


I know how many of use reachability options but you can also enable it with your iPhone

Control Centre & Notification Acess

with the help of this, you can also have access to notifications and I don’t think people often use it for the notification access

So this is how you can fix home button on iPhone