Is iPhone SE 1st Generation Still Good in 2023

iPhone SE is a tiny iPhone that is similar to the iPhone 5s Out of the box came with A9 Chip which is faster than the A8 Chip and even iOS 15 update also provided by Apple if we try to figure out its overall performance iPhone SE in 2023 not doubt iPhone SE quite good comparing its predecessors like iPhone 5 or 5s

But, iPhone SE is tiny and fits in one hand don’t know why there is somehow difficulty while using it as the keyboard while typing I got stuck sometimes due to its keyboard overall still power-pack with iOS 15 We discuss this in Detail

iPhone SE is Small iPhone

I know no one right now love a small size iPhone however people still have it in their pocket and still use It coz it is still capable to do lots of things one of the biggest difference here is its small screen size otherwise iPhone SE those who don’t have any complaint about any kind small display can use it

If I Have an iPhone SE then I would defiantly go for the bigger-screen iPhone SE 2nd Generation or iPhone 13

iPhone SE Gets iOS 15.7.4

When it Comes to Get Updates Apple always gives updates even the older iPhones but there is timeframe is fixed as few iPhones are no longer eligible for the update iPhone SE is also coming to older iPhones which launch back in 2016

Right now if you looked at iPhone SE 1st Generation

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What if Apple Left Support

While Apple still pushing Security updates to iPhone SE 1st Generation last major iOS update for this iPhone was received iOS 15.7.4 and no iOS 16 is yet available due to its not eligible for updates in the future you can expect the security update as long as apple provides

Overall Performance in 2022

Apps: As I already told You that there is no need to worry about any Kind of app issue due to the iPhone SE running iOS 15.7.4 you find no lag while using it hopefully this phone still supports most of the apps that are on iOS 15

Gaming: For Me Gaming is the core part I Know my gaming experience with the iPhone 5s which is not good similarly on SE 1st Generation I found that Display Size is small where gaming is not fun I Play played PUBG/BGMI a lot for me required a Big Screen but it causal games runs pretty well on it

Battery: The battery plays important role in iPhone if Battery not properly giving backup then it is sluggish and annoying due you need to check your battery performance overall battery is good but upgrade if needed

Updates: iPhone SE still gets security updates and there is no time frame when apps stop support for iPhone SE 1st Generation I don’t think it will soon happen but no one knows it may still be good to use day to day

This is what iPhone SE 1st Generation when you use overall its still worth who want to use but not recommended to buy it in 2023 if you have then you can use it