How to Transfer WhatsApp Data iPhone to Android[100% Works]

Worried about your WhatsApp Chats I know how frustrating when it comes to moving your chats to your iPhone to Android or Android to iPhone which seems very difficult due to do both operating systems being different the so there is any way to move chats hassle-free

Yes, you can transfer chats without having many difficulties if I can able move my chats successfully then you can also do it right now

Why transferring chat is difficult on iOS to Android

iOS and android both are different operating systems which makes itself difficult but did you know that you can move chat if you do with android to android with Google Drive and iOS with iCloud it seems my problem is not the same where’s I need to move iOS to Android

After lots of suffering finally, the solution I got and transferred my chat which give me relief due getting lost chats is painful I know you are suffering the same

How I Transferred my WhatsApp Chats

I never imagine that how easy it is to move chats which were expected it going to be a technical kind of thing but believe my expectation goes wrong only the thing I understand is that it will take time some time to transfer the chats

so, how I did it all this possible with iTransfer for WhatsApp that not only transfer the chats as well it can do a lot more such as

  1. Backup your WhatsApp chats on Android and iPhone to Computer
  2. Restore Backup to iPhone and android Phone &
  3. can be exported WhatsApp backup to HTML, PDF and CSV/XLS

so, How all things work let’s do it

All you need to Install iTransfer for WhatsApp on your computer

To Transfer Chats Between iOS to Android

Step 1

First, you need to open iTransfer for WhatsApp

Transfer WhatsApp Step 1

Step 2

Connect Your Source Device and Destination Device

Transfer WhatsApp Step 2

Click on Transfer

after it done

Final Transfer WhatsApp

(Note that: if you transferring from iOS to Android you must enable USB debugging on your android Transfering chats requires time so be patient)

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Backup WhatsApp on Android and iPhone to a Computer

Step 1

Connect your iPhone or Android Which you want to be backup

Backup WhatsApp Chat

Setup 2

if you are on Android you require to enable USB debugging

Setup 3

Wait for the Chats being backup

Setup 4

Check your Backup

Export WhatsApp Chat


You can export it on a computer or restore it to a device

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Individual Plan

have a backup of WhatsApp chats is very important to us some memories we can feel when looking at chats and for that plans are way better as expected to be it quite a reasonable cost for a month $29.95 and for a year only $39.95 which can be used up to 5 devices

Business Plan

This Plan works best who want more devices with all the features with free updates, tech support, and more where there is an option for a lifetime with unlimited devices that cost just $299.95

I hope, you understand how the whole things works backup WhatApp chat to Transfer it to your iPhone and Android