How to fix iPhone SE 2020 Touch ID Not Working

Your TouchID is not working in iPhone SE 2020 which is one of the common problems of every iPhone user with touchID I know it is wired you are frustrated and finding ways where you can fix it however this can work most of you can try out with your so how to fix iPhone SE 2020 TouchID

Things you need to know about TouchID

Things are changed so far most of used FaceID nowadays but if you still iPhone like iPhone 7,8 or iPhone SE 2020 all we have is TouchID for unlocking

TouchID was first introduced with the iPhone 5s and is still continuous with iPhone SE(2020) 2nd gen also last year released SE(2022) also comes with a touchID which is one of the best solutions out there if you are still old-school unlocking the phone which I usually love with my iPhone still it works great

Why is your Touch ID not working on iPhone SE 2020

There are many reasons behind what can cause your touch ID not to work like after the replacement of the screen, battery, or any other issues

You need to check out the following thing first to get an idea about the exact reason which I think you should consider most of you notice sometimes it may be temporary or need to replacement in most the case

Here are things you can check and try out to fix your touch ID

Clean your Hand and Check

first, you need to know that you must clean your hands first avoid your hand being clean and do it with the complete finger which sometimes works very effectively in most the case

Try with a different finger

if you set two fingerprints which I usually use with my iPhone try to unlock with the secondary finger might this work it will work otherwise you need to process with the next step

Clean the Home Button

if you still get no response switch off your iPhone and clean the home button which usually helps you remove the dirt within the button sometimes it works however this may not work 

Remove the Lock

Next, Remove all fingerprints that are currently enabled and try to re-enable the fingerprint lock most of the time it works however if you are still facing that it no longer works follow the next step

Reboot your iPhone

Reboot your iPhone which is not mandatory but in most case rebooting devices fix some bugs

Hard Rest

it’s time to you need to hard reset your iPhone if still, this issue remains obvious its time for you need to replace your touch ID you can go to Apple Authorised Service which is always recommended, however, it depends upon you can fix it with the third party

Hope this will help you to fix the Touch ID in Your iPhone SE

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