Is iPhone 8 still good in 2023 to Use

iPhone 8 comes up with the iOS 16 with an A11 bionic chip inside of it which is faster compared to the iPhone 7 and most of the time you experience a great performance with it however it’s getting old but the point is iPhone 8 still good in 2023

So, Why is iPhone 8 still usable there are a lot of factors that this iPhone fits very Well

Why iPhone 8 is Better than iPhone 7

When it comes to comparing other iPhones with the 8 especially when it comes to previous iPhones such as the iPhone 7 or 6s which is again worth having but the performance you get on the iPhone 8 is better because its A11 Soc

Moreover that the primary key point is the performance and the battery backup you get on it for me its good for those who are satisfied with a smaller iPhone or you can go for iPhone XR or iPhone 11 which gives you a bigger screen and bigger battery

Pros of iPhone 8

A11 Soc Inside A10 fusion is running on the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus which is older by the way you are even available for iPad also but the A11 is far faster than the A10 which I think is a plus point of having iPhone 8

Wireless Charging Support: first iPhone lineup that comes with the support of wireless charging  and this will bring iPhone 8 and 8 Plus Charge with Wireless Charging this support various charging devices too also it supports the fast charging

Better Performance: Like Other iPhones Compared with previous-generation iPhone’s iPhone 8 gives far better performance than the older iPhones such as the 6,6s and even 7 and 7 Plus with the usage of time is really fast due to it has A11 Bionic Chip that runs on iPhone X

Battery Performance: When it comes to the overall battery performance of the iPhone 8 I think you can expect a great battery life depending upon the health of the battery it will give the better performance I have tried it with my iPhone 8 with the 80% percent battery health and it performs great

Touch ID: iPhone 8 have Touch ID which is great for those who want a touch id on their iPhone rather than Face ID for me Face ID is also Good but the lack is that there is no neural engine inside of it obvious there is no Face ID inside of it

4K at  60FPS: iPhone 8 Supports recording 4K videos up to 60FPS and this will bring iPhone 8 users to rescored better but iPhone 7 and 7 Plus can only record 4K videos Up to 30FPs

Cons of iPhone 8

Small Screen: When it comes to the primary key point is the obvious its screen which is quite small in 2023 reason its notches where’s if we looked out iPhone 12 Mini only has thin notches which is dam good

Single Camera Setup: The camera is what we can expect in 2023 least to have a dual camera so we can click portrait photos too, however, iPhone XR and SE can do the same but when it comes to some extra features that make iPhone camera way more best with its Night Sight

The battery is average: I Know that having a good battery life what we need to have in our phones by today’s standards doesn’t fit exception it is quite average nowadays depending upon usage and health of the battery you may require to charge at least two times

ESIM: When it to dual SIM you won’t get a Dual setup even though there is no ESIM facility on this iPhone you require to have at least iPhone XR or later

NO 5G Support: Unlike iPhone SE 2nd Gen you will not get any kind of 5G support of this iPhone 8 even in 8 Plus as result, you cannot experience the 5G Speed on this however you can still 4G that is not bad for now

Missing iOS 16 features: iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus both have to miss some of the best features of iOS 16 that you will miss out on while using features like removing the background on photos, depth effect wallpaper features

May not receive iOS 17: iOS 17 is on the way and despite A11 bionic running iPhone might not get iOS 17 as this wasn’t confirmed yet but the track record suggests unlike last year’s released iOS 16 iPhone 7 is not on the list

Future of iPhone 8

When it comes to choosing iPhone 8 in 2023 for me its good to have if you want a small iPhone with wireless charging and only need 8 you can for it but I don’t think its a good reason obviously SE 2nd Gen which comes with A13 which makes SE Powerful comparing iPhone 8

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