Why iPhone 6 still Worth in 2020 [Top 5] Reasons

Is iPhone 6 Worth in 2020

iPhone 6 has something that iPhone 5s and other previous iPhone’s don’t have I don’t compare newer iPhone’s coz it not fair ok so iPhone’s very much expensive when they first launched and time passes price down every year and if you believe or not most of users won’t buy a new iPhone they happy with their older iPhone’s I also used the same and really I don’t go newer iPhone’s because iPhone 6 does what new iPhone’s can done nowadays 
It doesn’t mean that newer iPhone’s are not powerful and faster in reality they are but I don’t expense money to buy to newer iPhone due older iPhone’s 6 can perform lots of things but it doesn’t mean it meet all requirement of users
Using an iPhone have some advantage of using it and believe or not if you are going to use iPhone 6 make sure you first read this than you should decide to grab iPhone 6 in 2020
BIG Screen : iPhone 6 have a big screen which gives best viewing angle to Your iPhone and if we go back Yes You are Right I want you to tell you about the old iPhone 5s, 4s and iPhone 4 which have tiny screen where you find default to type text while luckily iPhone 6 have bigger screen where I not find any default to type
So Think that
If you are playing PUBG at tiny iPhone 5s or SE
PUBG iPhone 6
I know most of iPhone 5s and iPhone SE users Find difficult while playing  but here I don’t want ignore this iPhone’s did you know that iPhone 5 still receive iOS 12 update honestly PUBG can be played to and old hardware excellent

iOS 12 : Currently iPhone 6 running iOS 12 fine Believe or not but you need to salute Apple that they still providing updates to older iPhone iOS updates where iPhone 5s is one of that iPhone that came with iOS 7.1.2 and and still capable to run iOS 12 amazing while when it comes iPhone 6 September 19, 2004 which all new iOS 8 and here Apple stop iOS update to iPhone 4 so I think iOS 12 will be last update of iPhone 6 but lets see does Apple provide its iPhone 6 to iOS 13


Apple A8 Chip: When it comes performance Apple A8 handle iPhone 6 nicely if we compare Apples A7 Chip is firstly available to iPhone 5s and it based on 64 bit ARM based System while A8 also have 64 bit ARM based system on chip were A8 can give you 25% more CPU performance, 50% More graphics performance to its A7 so iPhone 6 will defiantly give you a better performance over iPhone 5s  


New Features : As iPhone 6 come with latest IOS 12 so you expect that you can get the new features where introduced in iOS 12 but did you know some features are not available to older iPhone due to the its hardware limitations  

Depth control: so when it comes to depth control which wasn’t available to iPhone 6 and older iPhone which currently running but the new iPhone x serices have the iOS 12 features where you need to have the new X series iPhones otherwise there is no way to use the depth control feature to iPhone 6
Memoji : When it comes to Memoji it really cool an iPhone X exclusive feature which create of emoji of your while this feature is limited to newer iPhone X sereice  iPhone so here iPhone 6 also not have the feature
So as this feature are right now the best features of iOS 12 which due to some hardware limitation iPhone 6 users won’t able to use this not first time when the some iOS feature is not available to older iPhone if you are used iPhone 4 and obviously an iPhone 4S you know that both phones have tiny display but iPhone 4 lacks on 7.1.2 and luckily iPhone 4s running iOS 9.3.5 due to the hardware limitations iPhone 4 won’t able to get the update of iOS 8 and there is tons of problem of having an iPhone 4  


Access of latest Apps : when it comes to have latest apps on iPhone 6 which truly you can easily able to download form app store and here you are luckily you are running the iOS 12 and app store have iOS 12 apps and due some security and improvement to the apps are moving to the latest iOS versions I think you can grab iPhone 6 this year also because of apps can be download to the iPhone 6 hopefully if iPhone 6 would get iOS 13 update than you could also use it later
But what if you not get the update iOS 13 update to your iPhone 6
I know how frustrating to use an old iPhone which not updated to the latest iOS versions for me it frustrating to use an iPhone that have not run basic apps
What if You want able to


This app no longer run to older iPhone 3g 3Gs and iPhone 4 in terms to be updated but however you can use this apps to your older iPhone but you won’t get latest features and updates yes I am talking about the downloading older version of apps on iPhone it can be possible but really you can use app few apps can be used but however you download compatibly apps some apps notified app needs to be updated such as Snapchat for iOS 7.1.2
Honestly you believe or not still we can use apps on iPhone 6 as much as can unless apps not moved to latest iOS version
Here you need to know bad times not came for iPhone 6 users due we still have access the apps but in future if apps moved the iOS 13 and or later we can install older version of apps to iPhone to compatibility  


Price : I Know When it comes to price we know that iPhone’s are costly as we compare android which are still available for cheap price and can get even in $50 but It also true that older iPhone’s can be Purchased at cheap and refurbished were available easily or you can still purchase iPhone 6 at around at refurbished
so here why iPhone 6 still survive in 2019 so what you think and what’s you opinion about the iPhone 6 
please let us know in comment
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