Top 10 Unique Android Pie features top 4 you see never before in Oreo

Top 10 Unique Android Pie features top 4 you see never before in Oreo

Android Pie One of the coolest update we have ever seen with new material changes to android and this was available to major apps on Google Apps such as Google Contents, Dial-er, Message app of Google this was great in terms of using apps to your Android In this post we will see top 10 Unique Android Pie Features

Well I know that you want to know that when you are getting the Android Pie update or not while if we talk about latest Android Update which not available to all Android Device yet it totally depends on your phone manufacturer if they provide you update or not while most of the phone not come out two year update as few phones are such Asus and other manufacturer Moto phones 

if you are luckily using an Android One phone which came cheaper if we compare over pixel devices they are guarantee to get Android updates not also that they even get monthly security patch updates

So what are the Unique features of Android Pie?

Let’s start with the

Dark Mode: Dark Mode one of my favorite feature of Android Pie I used my Phone in General in Black mode which usually looks great to see here are some pictures you can look out that how the dark mode Android Pie Look like

Its Your Choice that what you want to use a dark mode or a day mode in Your Phone more likely apps are now supports this time dark mode and Facebook also working for Dark Mode lets see when it comes so

How you can able to enable this Android Pie Dark Mode  
In Order to Enable Dark Mode
go to display in settings
thereafter display theme
Search Theme
Now Opt for Dark Mode


All New Settings app: Well if you look back to the previous android setting which was quite different while white background we can see on Android Oreo as well but little changes can be seen on Android pie and this was come with new icons which icons are not available to Android Oreo 

Android Pie setting app quite different as it was come under with new design and this was way more look cool than older setting you can see new icons over the settings with white background I have to say it way more look attractive than older setting app


Metered and non-metered

Think about when a time you were connected to WIFI network which have limited data connections after connecting to the Wi-fi the updates start automatically when you connected to WI-Fi which result data exhausted issue may face many time by you even in my case also so in Android Pie You can choose which Wi-fi network you want to set metered or non-metered connection so
How to set WI-FI to metered connection on Android Pie
In order to set your Wi-fi connection you need to these following steps

First connect to a Wi-Fi

Then tap on settings on left

Go to Advance


YOU CAN Choose

Detect automatically

Treat as metered

Treat as unmetered



All New Gestures

Android Pie is all about the gestures updates and it seems cool new gestures features come to this update while here are some existing gestures you love to use in Android pie all gestures are awesome and the second is one of my favorite 

Jump to Camera Gestures: Camera Gestures feature will help you a lot but when you use this camera gesture you need to know that when you trying to capture a movement to your camera which was suddenly happen but you are not be able to open camera at that movement and you miss that movement all new camera gesture allow you to instant open camera even you screen is lock

So, How to use this camera gesture

First You need to Enable this gesture

Go to Gesture

Go to Jump to Camera Gesture

Just enable that all you done

Swipe up on Home button

Swipe up on Home button is all new in Android Pie while this will disable the previous android Oreo Nav bars which is replaced swipe gesture and you will find that there is new this swipe gesture you not find in Android Oreo while Oreo have by default naves

You can be able to enable this all new swipe gesture
Note that

In order to enable that you need to know that you are running Android Pie otherwise this wasn’t work
Go to gest And enable that or

If you are unable to get this swipe up home button you need to do following things

Android Pie must have on Your Phone

I Find problem regarding to my phone on Redmi note 4, Redmi 4 and Redmi 5A running custom ROM which have no nav bars first you need to enable it your phone this so here is the way I found you can enable the navs with magisk tweaks lets enable that

Lift to Check Phone

Lift to Check Phone is another gesture feature on Android Pie where you can able to check the notification if you lift to your phone this was helpful as most of time dubble tapping to phone automatically awake you can dubble tap to awake the phone or you can able to lift to check to your phone 

Prevent ringing : Prevent ringing is another features under the gestures on Android pie will very much helpful in aspect enabling silent mode on Android Pie this prevent ringing you can find under the gesture in Android Pie

Go to first system



You Will Find Prevent Ringing


Selecting Text in Background  apps : This feature you never see before android Oreo as this feature help a a lot users who unable to copy text to in any app while copy paste selection works easily on Messenger’s and browser apps and Note Apps suppose if I want to take particular text to copy in Gmail where I cannot able to copy but In Android it works fine to copy to any app but how to copy using this feature

Here you need this thing

Suppose I need to copy text you can see copy text is easily work but this works if try it doing on the app is not working Oreo is one of the best feature on Android Pie

6 Improved DND : Do not disturb was also here improved Android Pie were previously you know that however if you enable DND in Your phone but there is one thing that changed in pie DND were you will find that there is no notification were came out unless you disable the DND comparing to oreo notification still visible after enabling the DND


App Rotations : In Android where we the rotation won’t work some apps where apps came to portrait but now in android pie you can able to use a app in Landscape mode here you look that how I using this app to landscape mode
You need first enable that pie nav par I mention in pie nav bar in 4th feature upper

Now you will find Pie now even you can see how much app you used in in day where you spend more time in the app  

8. Digital wellbeing App : In Android Pie now even you can see how much app you used in in day where you spend more time in the app  

Battery Manager : This Battery manager is also new in Android pie and its saves you overall battery and saves battery where it manages app automatically to save the battery where drain battery to much it Also more helpful to draining apps in Battery manager


Slice is one of the feature in android  which enable  apps parts in this was first announce n Google i/o and finally we can see on Android pie

so these are top 10 Unique Android Pie Features 

What you think about this features let me know in comments