How to Jailbreak iPhone 6 iOS 12 without computer

jailbreak iPhone 6 iOS 12
iPhone 6

Jailbreaking an iPhone not that hard as we think but things are not same if we found most of iPhones are works pretty well so this time the iPhone 6 which we going to jailbreak with easy method which is require no pc we can do with pc as well so how to Jailbreak iPhone 6 iOS 12

But Most of You don’t rely pc much I Know it very hard perform task every single time without help of PC or MAC which sometimes feel frustrating

Things You Need to Know About iPhone 6

iPhone 6 is the first iPhone that comes with lager display were earlier iPhone’s have tiny display which not fit best in current generation users now users rely on bigger displays rather then using a small display and its sometime hard use it which two hands

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So for me bigger screen are best to use but 2020 seems things are changed a lot while jailbreaking still exist for most of the iPhone including iPhone 6 which is running iOS 12

Note that if your iPhone still runs on iOS 12 then this is for you such as for

iPhone 5s

iPhone 6

iPhone 6s if it running iOS 12

What if I Jailbreak iPhone 6

Well this applies to everyone who want to jailbreak doesn’t matter if you use iPhone 6 or 11 pro Warranty void if you go for jailbreak and its common so no magic here ok it totally depends upon you will you want to do or not

How to Jailbreak iPhone 6 without computer

Yes We can do Jailbreak iPhone 6 without having an Mac or PC You Just Need a iPhone 6 and working internet connection first you need to visit the link provided here

Uncover not Installing
Unable to Install Uncover

Most of You Being frustrated due most of sites not working for Jailbreak for anymore such as tweakbox, ignition were’s earlier supports for Jailbreak but right now it doesn’t and in future I think Jail breaking is going harder in future  

Download Uncover

Uncover Install

Now Go for the uncover Jailbreak

Start Uncover Jailbreak

Open and Start for Jailbreak

Wait for Install

it Might not Jailbreak in first try two three times

What if Still you cannot able Jailbreak your iPhone 6 due it not support

At the End if you still can’t able to do jailbreak your iPhone 6 there is one big reason that occurs to everyone is revoked this is the reality most of you are currently face and there is no permanent fix for This

This is how you can jailbreak iPhone 6 iOS 12

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