Download PUBG alternative for iPhone 4s iOS 9.3.5

Download PUBG alternative for iPhone 4s iOS 9.3.5

PUBG alternative for iPhone 4s iOS 9.3.5
PUBG known as the Players Unknown Battleground most of the users play PUBG and the craze of PUBG bite me also were I can’t control to play at least once a time where I started to play PUBG to my Android but while playing solo its good however I also played in iPhone but the problem is that one of friend have iPhone 4s where PUBG for iPhone 4s is not supported due to some hardware issue it wasn’t capable to play PUBG
PUBG lite is on the way but there is no official announcement when it comes to iOS but we know that lite apps were easily install to Android currently PUBG supports for the iOS 9 or later however due to iPhone 4s have low hardware specification but don’t worry if PUBG won’t install on Your iPhone 4s there is alternative for PUBG

Why PUBG won’t run on iPhone 4s

PUBG iOS 9.3.5
                            In iOS 9 list there is no iPhone 4s is mentioned 
When a time were most of games and apps were supported by iPhone 4s but due to its run 512MB of RAM and few games like PUBG won’t able to run on 512 RAM but you can play with 1GB of RAM fine on iPhone 5s if you want to play PUBG on iPhone nowadays you need iPhone 5s 
No doubt that iPhone 4s still capable to run more than 70% of apps in app store and lots of high graphic games still can be played on iPhone 4s like GTA vice city and you won’t believe but GTA also run on iPhone 4 due to iPhone 4 have single core and iPhone 4s have dual core GTA vice city is more likely to good to play with iPhone 4s rather than the iPhone 4 

Does Really Alternative of PUBG is Available

Believe or not Yes there an alternative of PUBG is available due to most of users don’t have enough hardware to play PUBG most of the time PUBG hangs on lower specification but it doesn’t mean that PUBG is wasn’t bad I love to play PUBG but playing alone is not fun

How to Download PUBG alternative on iPhone 4s iOS 9.3.5

PUBG is still one of my best games but when it comes to PUBG alternative I love to Play Freefire as it supports iOS 8 or later iPhone so our iPhone 4s is capable to playing Freefire while this also can be installed on later iPhone’s such as iPhone 5, and iPhone 5c were this iPhones run iOS 10 with 1GB so here if you are playing iPhone 5 or 5c you find no lag so for you freefire is here

What is freefire

Freefire is PUBG like games were you need to do the same as you do with pubg and some and freefire is lightweight game in terms of filesize and if we compare to the PUBG but one of the feature you will not find in freefire is voice chat

I respect iPhone 4s which still supports most of games on it and yes you can easily able to play freefire link given below to download freefire