Cydia Tweaks iOS 9.3.6 Still Best in 2021

Cydia Tweaks always are best way to customization is out there for every iPhone Did You Know most of people those who owned a iPhone wants a least to try tweaks to their iPhone but we can’t ignore that it limited to some user and not for all it doesn’t matter which iPhone or iPad You are on so what those Cydia Tweaks iOS 9.3.6

if you one who are currently have iOS 9.3.5 or iOS 9.3.6 on iPhone’s or iPad you will definitely able to try this out tweaks as this still best due you can easily use this tweaks

Things to Know Before Applying Cydia Tweaks iOS 9.3.6

Did You Know that in order to use cydia tweaks for your iPhone or iPad needs to jailbreak so those who are not jailbreak there iPhone they won’t able to use these tweaks

if you are planning to try cydia tweaks you need first to do Jailbreak iPhone 4s and iPad hopefully you understand that this will require for the first but if you already Jail broken your iPhone 4s or iPad

So why delay

Lets move on

Top 20 Cydia Tweaks which still best in 2020

In Cydia presently have tons of tweaks and it doesn’t possible try every tweaks however in This post i only covers those which helpful to customize your iOS 9.3.6 iPhone’s and iPad’s These cydia tweaks works best for iPhone and iPad lets start with

Delete Forever : Delete Forever one of the tweak which you can use in order to delete your photos to permanent you will find that if you are not using this tweak your photos not permanently deleted as they moved to trash and this will help you bypass trash and if you use it means after deleting you photos will not present on trash

Delete Forever Tweak

Browser Changer

I Know most of us likely love Safari Browser but we can’t ignore other browser apps such as the chrome i use a lot chrome and moreover many of you use chrome as well and if you are not likely not love safari then you can move with the chrome or another browser for default one it totally depends upon you

Browser Changer Tweak

Tweak Repo: BigBoss (

Blurry Badges

Blurry Badges is another tweak where the notification in number shown on the app can whole blur as it looks great to see so you can also try this out

Blurry Badges Tweak

Tweak Repo: BigBoss

Better five Home screen

if you looked out on iPhone springboard then you will notice Dock that only four icons out there but This will do lot better due the default icons on Dock have 4 but if you use this tweak then it will have 5 icons on the Dock

Btter Five Home Screen Tweak

Tweak Repo :


Better Five Home Screen only have 5 icons to the dock but in Harbor you can add more then 5 icons to the Dock however this tweak great but as if you use it more likely 5 icons are good but more than that locks not so good if you not tried that you can try it

Harbor Tweak

Tweak Repo : Bigboss

Keyboard Vibrate

Keyboard Vibrate is a another tweak which enables the vibration while typing for me Keyboard Vibrate while Trying is not so cool as it annoying sometimes for me i don’t know if you like this tweak it totally depends on users

Tweak Repo : BigBoss


iCleaner is one of the tweak that you can use it your day to day usage as for me it likely to one of the best tweak one of the main purpose of using it to clean the unnecessarily space that more likely

ICleaner Tweak

Tweak Repo : Bigboss

Icon Bounce

Icon bounce which is also good tweak you heard the Bounce so its does what the icons of the dock are bounce it looks nice to see may be Looks annoying to you but it was great

Icon Bounce Tweak

Flash Ring

Flash Ring is another best tweak you can use in Your iPhone for those want to quick access of flashlight so how it works simply you have to switch the mute buttons an this is way more useful

Flash Ring Tweak

Safari Refresh

Safari Refresh is another tweak that you defiantly use to your day to day usage it similer to chrome browser when you need to use load the page again obviously the reload option no need to waste time to tap to refresh just swipe form up

Safari Refresh Tweak

Transparent Dock

In every iPhone Docks are not transparent and you can’t transparent it without cydia so this tweak will help you out to transparent the dock In my opinion dock looks great in without transparent as is my thinking

Transparent Dock Tweak

Icon Renamer

icon Renamer

This is an another tweak where you can edit the icon name for eg if you want to change a app name where name is ABCDE to whatever you want such as AABBCC

Icon Renamer Tweak

Vintage switcher

if you used earlier iPhone 3Gs or iPhone 4 where the iOS however iPhone 4 on iOS 7.1.2 but the iPhone 3Gs on iOS 6.1.6 so In iOS 6 app Switcher but it whole change on iOS 7 so so if you are wondering to use it back then you can go for it replace the app switcher to iOS 6

Vintage Switcher Tweak

Status Modifier

In Status Modifier you can modify the status bar you can show some important things such the RAM usage however there is another tweak which shows RAM usage but on Control Center you will find in this post

statusModifier Tweak


CCsettings is useful tweak that you can also use in your Control center where there is numbers of toggles present normally the toggles are limited to default but if you CCsettings you can able enjoy more toggles at control center

CCsettings Tweak

Default on Toggles

  • Data
  • Wifi
  • Flight Mode
  • Location
  • Read Mode


CC Loader is another best tweak is out there for iOS 9.3.5 which does great Job so what is does it takes control centers to hide them out

CCLoader Tweak
  • Things you can hide
  • Settings
  • Brightness
  • Media Controls
  • AirPlay


CCmter is another tweak it and suits best who want to know their overall activity of iPhone’s basically show info related how much RAM consuming, Free disk space uploading and downloading

CCMeters Tweak


This tweak is best for the who love animation and it works great iPhone and iPad this tweak what it does it basically animate the your screen whenever you swipe another screen there are numbers of animation you can choose from

Cylinder Tweak


Zeppelin is a another tweak you can use where you number of different logo you can use on your status bar were it looks cool on the status bar you can try this out on your iOS 9.3.5

Zeppelin Tweak


if you are looking for the change the battery bars to your iPhone and wondering to change the icon of it so this tweak going to help a lot this tweak change the bars

Alkaline Tweak

At the End, One Last Bonus Tweak 21th


CCcolor is tweak where you can be able to chnage the color of the control cater

CCcolor Tweak

So, Here is What the Cydia Tweaks iOS 9.3.6 that works on

Comment below which tweak you still using it

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