Cydia Alternative that still Works[Top 10]

The Term Cydia one of the open source unofficial app store for iPhone that’s once a time you want try and really somehow jailbreaking getting though nowadays but the reality now only few people go for Jailbreak which is obvious here i came up Cydia Alternative that works

Why Cydia Alternative

Most of the time When it comes to install Cydia on your iPhone or iPad requires Jailbreak and sometimes its very annoying and even frustrating a new bie and even cydia dying in near future as purchase over cydia has stopped such as for tweaks

That’s just like you and me looking for an alternative for that

What are the benefits of Cydia Alternative

No Jailbreak is actually required

Easy to do

Support Most of the iOS versions

Protected & encrypted

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Jailbreak iPhone 4s iOS 9.3.6

Jailbreak iPhone 5,5c iOS 10.3.4

Jailbreak iOS iPhone 6s,7,8,X

List of Cydia Alternatives

1.PandaHelper: Panda Helper comes with Paid and Free you can go for paid or the known as Panda Helper Lite allows to Jailbreak and for Apps

2FTioS : FtioS also is an Alternative of AppStore you can use for downloading apps but as unofficial

3.App Valley : App Valley also comes with games and apps to Install but as a alternative

4.AppCake : Appcake is an alternative for the Appstore also as source also available on cydia which allows to to do Jailbreak and more stuffs

5.Mojo Installer :Mojo Also offers the same as the other alternative offers

6 TuTuApp : TutuApp is another of the popular and once a time you used it before it currently available both free and Paid

7.Ignation : Ignition popular everyone knows and it offers to Install apps but it won’t working back at days hope it fixed may be in future it will

8.HipStore : This is also a app store but as alternative allows you to download apps and games and it has lot of collection

9Emus4u : Emus4u offers to you install apps and games even allows to install Tweaks and more and it also useful

10.AltStore : AltStore is another store and it also allows install apps but you won’t get much app on it only have one or two apps but it useful

Which iOS version is required

When it comes to mentioned stores will wok even in iOS 6 to iOS 14 that the cool part about the cydia alternatives

Note that it doesn’t mean it will work as we know time to time there is an issue with with the revokes so yes sometimes it may not work so far and how long it will supported we don’t know

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