Is iPhone 7 Plus getting iOS 16 | The Reality

Recently Apple finally unveil iOS 16 including macOS Ventura and iPadOS 16 that in first impression looks so impressive especially when we talk about iOS 16 which brings many new features that can be seen this year obvious that the new iPhone is on the way

Despite all of this when it comes to iOS 16 supported iPhone that makes us very disappointed

it’s really wired to see that Apple even drop the support for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

What do for now

We can’t do anything right now as it’s official that in order to get iOS 16 we must have iPhone 8 and later and this doesn’t mean you should throw it good thing is that it still works as you are using right only difference is that you will miss out the cool new features that introduced with iOS and nothing else will change at least next two years

if you really wanted iOS 16 so there is no option left is to move on to the at least iPhone 8 or later

Is there is any way to get iOS 16 on iPhone 7

No, there is no way to get iOS 16 no matter what you do I think maybe some features required additional hardware requirements which even the iPhone 7 is not in the update but we can’t also ignore that the iPhone 7 is quite old enough where some features of iOS 15 still need to have latest iPhone

At least an iPhone 7 Plus must be included in the list it seems that may be some feature requires some requirement where these iPhones do not fit

Should we move to the latest iPhone

it’s wired but the reality of having an older iPhone that soon or later got dropped support is most likely there is no confirmation about iPhone 8 which is the least iPhone that supports iOS 16 May also get drop support next year after saw this scenario

Can I still use it

When it comes to updates we can expect that we can get minor security updates which most older iPhones for years until they are fully discontinued you may also experience future Apps compatibility but good thing is that majority of Apps are Supported hence you can use it

For iPhone 6S and iPhone 7 and 7, Plus including the first-generation devices are one of the best iPhones of their time its 2022, and things are changing rapidly and fast

I think no iPhone will get lifetime support but we can’t ignore that it still Apple provide longer iOS update that no one provides


is iPhone 7 Plus getting iOS 16 ?

No, iPhone 7 plus not supported for iOS 16

why no ios 16 for iPhone 7 ?

iPhone 7 is about to old more than five years now and will not get any major iOS version in future

will iPhone 7 get iOS 17 in the future?

No, if we cannot able to get iOS 16 means there is no way to think about iOS 17 but we can expect security updates