Free Music Apps for iPhone 6s/6s Plus iOS 15.5

If you are using an iPhone 6s and 6S Plus and looking for free music apps then in this post you will know the top 10 free music apps which you can able to install on your iPhone these apps have free and premium plans which you can choose so what are free Music App For iPhone 6s

Why Free Music

Most of us don’t go for paid plans but for me having a premium subscription allows you to offline songs and also get the high-quality music experience which normally not available to free plans 

I think you must have a paid plans which allows you offline your songs and save your data

List of Free Music Apps 


Spotify is one of the popular music platforms when it comes to music as its available in most the regions it offers free music content with the ad interrupt which can be rid of with its premium plans with no ads also allows us to offline songs we want

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YouTube Music

YouTube Music offers stream free music and video music at no extra cost and but you will notice ad interruptions which can be ignored if you want to stay free

in order to get YouTube Music is that background play you need to opt for its premium subscription then you can do offline songs

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Gaana is one of the largest music streaming platforms in India that only provide Indian but also the international songs it also has two options you can stream songs with a free tier that includes ads and you can rid out ads with its premium subscription  

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Jio-Svaan is again an Indian music streaming service formally known as Savan which after the merger with JioMusic rebranded as JioSavan it offers both regional Indian music with international music as well 

With the Free tier, you can listen to songs with ads, and also with the premium, you can rid of ads and offline your songs  

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Wynk Music is again a streaming service that allows you to stream music for free all you need to have signed up for an account it has international and Indian music for free you need to go with ads which worth having no cost or go for a paid plan

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Deezer is a popular french music streaming app where you can listen to international and local songs with a free tier it has podcasts and radio and wants to be rid of ads you can go with its paid plans 

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Pandora Music offers both to listen ad-free and with ads where the features are limited however with the free tier you can listen to music which is the best thing or if want to rid of ads you can opt for pandora plus or Pandora Premium offers unlimited Skips with play anythings with search 

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With Tidal you can listen to your favorite songs for sure for free but again some features are limited as it is free your audio quality will be reduced and there are no offline songs you can do but at least you can listen for free

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With Soundcloud, you can listen to songs which it offers with a free tier you experience ad interrupt also it offers paid plains where you listen to songs ad-free

it’s an audio distribution platform you can upload and share tracks for free with a time limit restriction which is unlimited with Soundcloud Pro

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So, These are some music streaming apps where you can listen to songs for free