How to Fix iPhone 5s,6 not Charging When Plugged in

Are you using an iPhone 6 which is not charging when you plugged in what is the cause responsible for not charging your iPhone there are many factors responsible for this and we going to discuss how to fix iPhone 6 not Charging in this post

In most the cases charging issue happened to our iPhone 5s & 6 for me I faced this many times and overcome it

Why your iPhone 5s & 6 Not Charging

As I already told you that there are many factors that are responsible for not charging in order to understand exactly why this happened is one of the common ones might your iPhone’s charging cable is no longer functional or there is an issue with your iPhone itself which not taking charge

This usually not happened with most of us sometimes it does happen which requires fixing so is there any way you can fix it yourself

Yes we can do certain things to check and fix but in all case

How to Fix my iPhone 5s,6 not Charging

To fix your iPhone 5s or iPhone 6 whatever you using right now you need to verify properly that iPhone not taking charge then you can follow below mentioned steps in order to fix

Restart your iPhone 6: The first we can follow is to restart your iPhone 6 if there is a temporary issue it will fix for sure and the charging icon will appear that shows that it working with no problem with your iPhone

Change your Charging cable

The Biggest problem of all charging problems is happened due to the charging cable usually does not work or it broke sometimes so try to change the charging cable will be helpful for you

Stop using Compatible Charger

Most use compatible adapters all you need to stop using it and change your charging adaptor to an MFI-certified or the Original 5W Charger however many of you still going to use third-party chargers I Know

The clean Charging port of your iPhone 6

Have you ever noticed that your charging port may cause as in my case I have cleaned my charging port with a toothpick which works but doesn’t mean it will for you the same

Backup your iPhone & Rest

if all the methods were not working next you can is to back up and try doing a rest your iPhone might helpful

Update your iPhone to iOS 12.5.7

Try to update your I know it’s wired to know that you cannot update your iPhone 5s & 6 to the latest version but if your iPhone is not yet updated to iOS 12.5.7 which may be helpful for your iPhone

if still your iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 not Sharing then all you need to take it to repair